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Best Colporrhaphy treatment Cost in Gurgaon

Colporrhaphy is done to repair and restore the defect of vaginal walls. This is used to correct rectocele, cystocele and urethrocele conditions. The average cost of colporrhaphy in Gurgaon falls between Rs. 60,000 to Rs.1,00,000 which is quite reasonable compared to other countries. Pelvic organ prolapse symptoms like incontinence, vaginal bulging, and pressure, difficulty in bowel movements, heaviness in pelvis etc. are relieved by performing anterior colporrhaphy and posterior colporrhaphy. Either local or general anesthesia is administered to patients while performing colporrhaphy.

Effective treatment, before and after surgical care and management is required for healthy recovery after colporrhaphy and it is available at best affordable price in Gurgaon. The cost of colporrhaphy is much less in Gurgaon compared to other countries. Good treatment packages are offered by hospitals of Gurgaon keeping in mind the financial status of patients. Hospitals providing treatment for colporrhaphy in Gurgaon are known for their comprehensive medical care and quality services at a very economical price.

Cost of Vaginal Wall Repair Surgery - Colporrhaphy in Gurgaon

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Know more about Vaginal Wall Repair Surgery - Colporrhaphy Cost in Gurgaon

What actually does colporrhaphy mean?

Colporrhaphy is also known as vaginal wall repair and is normally done to regain the actual support of vaginal walls.

How is the colporrhaphy surgery performed?

This surgery requires the surgeon to make a cut or incision along the top or bottom walls of the vagina. The tissues that lie below the skin of the vagina are stitched together to offer good support for the sagged or dropped pelvic organs. The vaginal skin is then stitched and protected.

This whole surgical procedure requires a highly experienced and skilled surgeon and this requirement of skilled colporrhaphy surgeon escalates the cost of colporrhaphy in Gurgaon.

When is colporrhaphy surgery used for patients and how it effects the cost of colporrhaphy in Gurgaon?

Colporrhaphy surgery is done for pelvic organs like bladder or rectum that get sagged or dropped.

  • Anterior colporrhaphy-is performed to treat the prolapsed vaginal wall under the bladder. This is also termed as a cystocele. The main objective of anterior colporrhaphy [1] is to tighten the muscles of the vagina and the adventitia on the bladder which is also known as pubocervical, pubovesical or endopelvic fascia.
  • Posterior colporrhaphy- when the vaginal wall is prolapsed over the rectum, posterior colporrhaphy is done to restore back the rectal position. It is also called a rectocele.

Sometimes, both anterior and posterior colporrhaphy may be needed for a patient, and this decision made by the surgeon before surgery definitely increases the average cost of colporrhaphy in Gurgaon.

What kind of surgical approach is used by Gynecologists in posterior colporrhaphy?

Gynecologists recommend posterior colporrhaphy or posterior wall repair for patients having vaginal prolapse symptoms and defecation problems. Through the vaginal approach the success rate of correcting rectocele is much higher. Vaginal dissection helps in clear view and easy approach to endopelvic fascia and levator muscles, which allows for much tighter anatomical correction.[2]

What is the anesthesia given before the surgery?

Yes, the anesthetist gives the required amount of local or general anesthesia before commencing the surgery. The amount, type and the route of administering anesthesia differs from person to person and generally shows a greater impact on the total cost of colporrhaphy surgery in Gurgaon.

What is the cost of colporrhaphy in Gurgaon?

On average the cost of colporrhaphy in Gurgaon ranges from Rs. 60,000 to 1,00,000 and this cost largely depends on a variety of factors like location of the hospital, medical history of patient, medications and surgical tools used, the expertise of the doctor etc.

What are the factors that influence the cost of colporrhaphy in Gurgaon?

There are various factors showing the influence on the cost of colporrhaphy in Gurgaon like:

  • Past and present medical history of the patient
  • Type of city where treatment is done
  • Lab tests, diagnostic procedures or any imaging techniques required before commencing the treatment
  • Cost of medicines needed for the appropriate condition
  • Surgical needs required
  • Experience of the surgeon performing the surgery
  • Facilities that are given by the hospital
  • Any advanced technology needed to improvise the success of the treatment

What are the pre-assessment tests that affect colporrhaphy surgery cost in Gurgaon?

Diagnostic tests involved in the pre-operative assessment of colporrhaphy show a high influence on the total cost of colporrhaphy surgery in Gurgaon. These tests are:

  • Defecography: identifies anatomical rectal abnormalities.
  • Endosonography: assess the strength of internal and external anal sphincter.
  • Anal Mammometry: measures pressure in the rectum by using a transducer or balloon.
  • Electromyography and Nerve Conduction Studies: help to identify problems with defecation.
  • Colonic Transit Studies: this test helps to assess the distal rectal movements in patients with a rectocele.

How is the patient prepared for the colporrhaphy surgery and does it affect the cost of colporrhaphy in Gurgaon?

Before going for colporrhaphy surgery, the patient has to undergo routine blood and urine tests, given an IV in the arm or wrist, arranged for anesthesia, catheterization of the bladder and administration of needed antibiotics are done to prevent surgical infection. All these surgical preparations may show a hike in the average cost of colporrhaphy in Gurgaon.

When can I return to my home after colporrhaphy surgery?

Depending on your overall medical status and your condition following the surgery, you may be asked to stay one night in the hospital. Some of the patients will be able to get discharged and go home on the same day of the surgery.

Is someone needed to stay along with me after colporrhaphy surgery?

It is advised to have a friend or relative to help you the day you reach home from the hospital. During your first week of coming home, help from someone is needed to drive you or get essential groceries for you or check you in person.

In the operation room, what can I expect?

After you enter the operation room, you will have doubts about what is going to happen with you. Here is a brief description of what a surgeon with you:

  • You are given either general or spinal anesthesia and this decision of giving anesthesia depends on your medical history and the planning of the surgery. Mostly preferred is general anesthesia.
  • A urinary catheter is placed in your bladder to drain urine during surgery and to monitor urine. This is removed before you go home.
  • To prevent blood clots in your legs, compression stockings are applied to legs and you will be given a shot of blood thinner heparin.
  • After the surgery ends, the vaginal area is covered by gauze to prevent bleeding and is removed after 6 hours of your surgery.

The cost of colporrhaphy surgery in Gurgaon is impacted by the type of anesthesia you are given.

What care should i take if needed to stay at the hospital after colporrhaphy surgery?

You may need to stay at the hospital for a few days depending on doctors’ advice and during this hospital stay, you will:

  • Given a soft solid diet on the day or from the next day
  • Prescribed to take pain medicines and medicines for nausea if needed
  • Have blood-thinning medicine
  • Intake of your routine medicines, if having any
  • Take short walks for better healing
  • Applying compression stockings on legs
  • Monitor of bladder emptying, if you cannot empty completely, catheterization is done again and taught to self-hygienic care to follow each time you urinate.
  • Making stool soft by taking laxatives and not to have discomfort while passing stools.

What instructions should I follow at home if discharged on the same day of surgery?

You will be taken to the recovery room and monitored until you are medically fit to go home.

First, your bladder emptying is checked. Your stay in hospital may extend if you cannot completely empty your bladder, though it is normal to have temporary discomfort from an empty bladder fully after surgery.

If you cannot handle your bladder condition, the catheter is put back for a few more days, you will be trained to catheterize yourself each time after urinating. For complete emptying of the bladder it may take a few days to weeks.

How can I avoid strain on my bowels?

To make stool soft and to avoid strain on bowel movements, stool softener Miralax or any other laxatives are prescribed.

What are the possible risks during colporrhaphy surgery?

In any type of surgery, there are expected risks and the patients should be aware of them to avoid getting panic. In colporrhaphy surgery, few risks that arise during surgery are:

  • Bleeding: This is common and if it is excessive, the surgeon plans blood transfusion for you.
  • Injury to bladder, ureters or bowel: Sometimes, this injury happens and can be corrected during the surgery itself.
  • Depending on the size and the area of incision that is made, you need to stay at the hospital for more than two nights.
  • During surgery there is minimal damage to your nerves and recovery time for this is a few months. In 100 patients, 2 to 10 will be the people affected due to nerve damage.
  • While death is a major risk of a few surgeries, in this surgery death rate is less than 1 in 10,000 patients.

In order to lessen surgical risks and to achieve good success, highly experienced surgeons should perform the surgery and this in turn affects the cost of colporrhaphy surgery in Gurgaon.

What are the risks that occur days to weeks after colporrhaphy surgery?

By the time you go home, you will be trained to deal with your medical needs by the medical team. However, you may encounter a few risks such as follows after going home:

  • A blood clot of the veins can travel and get lodged in the legs or lungs. If blood clots in legs, you get swelling and pain and if it reaches lungs, you get chest pain, difficulty in breathing, and fatal death in rare conditions. 2 in 1,000 will be getting blood clots after surgery.
  • Bloating, pain, vomiting is seen due to bowel obstruction and it affects less than 5 in 1,000 patients.
  • Pain and uncomfortable feelings during sexual intercourse can be handled by the advice of surgeons.
  • Infection at the site of incision and that of the urinary tract can be treated by antibiotics.
  • After a few years of colporrhaphy surgery, a new prolapse is seen.
  • There is the formation of scar tissue at the site of operation and it is less bothered as it may or may not cause pain.
  • You can be able to gain control on completely emptying your bladder during the first few 2 weeks of surgery and before that trouble to empty the bladder completely is common.

When to consult my surgeon?

When you experience any of the following symptoms it is mandatory to contact your doctor immediately.

  • Body temperature reaching above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Excessive bleeding i.e. if a regular sanitary pad gets soaked fully in an hour or less.
  • Uncontrolled pain in abdomen and pelvis
  • Pain in chest and breathing difficulty
  • Swollen, painful or reddened legs
  • Opened, red or warm feeling at the incision site
  • Oozing of blood or fluid at the operated site
  • A newly formed wound or bruise that spreads faster or appears bigger
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • A heavy and abnormal amount of discharge from the vagina
  • Rash on skin
  • Cannot urinate all-day
  • Pain when urinating
  • Presence of either blood or pus in the urine
  • Feeling to pass urine throughout the day

How can I avoid nausea?

Generally the effect of nausea continues for a few days due to anesthesia given during surgery. Eating food at regular intervals and taking food before your pain medicine can help you in preventing nausea.

What is my diet following surgery?

One can have a regular diet. A small amount of food taken at small intervals is easy on the bowels. Patients are recommended to have high protein food like beans, lentils, eggs, chicken, dairy products, and nuts.

Food rich in vitamins helps in faster healing of the wound and overall health. Including dark green leafy vegetables, broccoli, sweet potatoes, citrus fruits, apricots etc. can help a lot.

What care to be taken about the incisions?

Personal care is essential for maintaining a healthy incision site.

  • At the vaginal surgical site: stitches inside the vagina get dissolved inside the body. Nothing should be kept inside of the vagina like tampons. Not having vaginal intercourse and not to douche.
  • At incisions on the skin: taking care of dressings by avoiding soaking in water. Keeping the area dry and clean.

Is vaginal bleeding normal after surgery?

Up to 8 weeks from the surgery, brown to yellowish colored discharge is common and can be okay. Doctors should be called if vaginal discharge is foul-smelling or if it increases.

When can my bladder function normally?

Bladder function takes a few days to 6 months to come back to normal. Taking a good amount of water, urinating once every 4 hours and keeping the catheter site clean is to be done by the patient. You should call a surgeon if the catheter does not drain urine, if urine has blood and if it smells bad.

How to take care of my bowels?

To avoid strain on your bowels you will be given laxatives that help in softening of stools. Taking short walks helps to speed up your bowel activity. If you don't have any bowel movement after four days of surgery, you should contact your colporrhaphy doctor.

Does my energy drop after I have colporrhaphy?

For a normal person it is common to have reduced energy levels following surgery during due blood loss, low-calorie diet, anesthetic effect, fear of incision damage etc. short walks in your area, and settling in your routine work will better your life.

Can I exercise?

Physical activity is important for healthy recovery. Practicing walking for a shorter time than increasing it gradually is good. The doctor is to be consulted if you have doubts about bicycling, swimming or dancing.

What are the activities that I am allowed to do following colporrhaphy surgery?

Rest is much needed to recover following surgery. You can do the following activities with care:

  • Shower: After 24 hours of surgery shower is allowed. Should not get soaked in water for more than 10 minutes if you think to bathe.
  • Douche: Strictly no.
  • Climbing stairs: if you feel safe and comfortable, walking up stairs with assistance is allowed.
  • Driving: when you are sure that the wound is completely healed and you are not feeling pain, you can drive by taking rest in between.
  • Lifting activities: not recommended for 6 weeks following colporrhaphy.
  • Sexual activity: you may feel pain during the first weeks and using lubricants can help. Take doctors’ advice before you resume.
  • Journey: Long distance trips are to be postponed until the doctor says okay.
  • Work: Rest from your work is advised by the doctor until your body completely heals and your normal energy levels are back to normal.

Treatment references

  1. Jubliee C.Tan, Tracey Wilson.“Anterior colporrhaphy”., March 2017.

  2. Roger Lefevre, G Willy Davila.“Functional Disorders”.NCBI, Clin Colon Rectal Surg. 2008 May;21(2):129-37.PMID:20011409.

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