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Labiaplasty Surgery in Gurgaon

A labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that helps in the reduction of the size and shape of the labia minora. The labia minora are the flaps of skin that are present on either side of the vaginal opening. It is also known as a vulval surgery or a “designer vagina” surgery.

It is natural that the labia comes in all sizes and shapes. Some women may be born with a large labia, while in others the labia may increase in size during life. This increase in size may be caused due to ageing, effect of hormones, or childbirth. Even though having long or many folds of the labia is perfectly normal, some women may be unhappy with the way its looks. Furthermore, women with elongated or enlarged labia may also feel some pain or discomfort caused due to tugging or twisting of the labia.

Labiaplasty surgery improves the aesthetic look of the labia. This is done by correcting the shape and size of the labia minora. Labiaplasty can achieve this by removing the excess tissue from the inner lips (labia minora). Therefore, the reduction in the size solves any tugging or twisting caused due to the enlarged labia.

In addition, the surgery is also performed for reducing the extent to which the labia minora hangs out of the hairy outer lips. Labiaplasty can also be an option for women whose labia are longer on one side than the other, and want this asymmetry corrected.

The labiaplasty surgery should not be performed on girls younger than 18. This is because the labia continues to develop from beyond puberty to early adulthood.

The labiaplasty procedure begins with a consultation with a gynecologist or a plastic surgeon. In this consultation, you can discuss all your expectations and requirements from the surgery. There are certain things that your surgeon will ask you during your labiaplasty consultation, this may include:

  • Status of your current health
  • Previous medical problems or surgeries
  • Current medications
  • Allergies
  • Your current smoking, alcohol and drug status

Your doctor will also examine your labia. These queries will help the doctor make a decision about what surgery type is best for you. This depends on:

  • Labia shape and structure
  • Symptoms you may be experiencing
  • Your desires and outcomes

Before the doctor can go ahead with the surgery, you will have to sign a consent form. Furthermore, you will also meet your anaesthetist who will perform a pre-operative assessment. The labiaplasty surgery can be performed under a general anaesthetic or a local anaesthetic. In cases where a local anaesthetic is used, some sedation is given to help relax.

Once you are in the operating room, the surgeon will clean the treatment area and drape it. This ensures the area remains sterile and reduces the risk of infections. There are two different techniques that the surgeon may use. They are:

  • The Trim or strip method

It is a simple technique that involves a small vertical incision with a laser or scalpel along the length of the labia minora. The next step involves the surgeon removing any excess tissue in the area. This method is best suitable for patients looking to remove uneven, long edges of the labia. Furthermore, it is also suitable for women who have some mismatch in the labia skin colour.

  • The wedge method

The wedge technique is a newer alternative to the trim or strip labiaplasty. This method involves the surgeon removing a V-shaped "wedge" from both sides of the labia. The remaining edges are then stitched or glued together. This method maintains the natural edges of the labia minora. This method of labiaplasty also results in a more natural looking result and less visible scarring. This method is suitable for women who are struggling with excess tissue in the labia or an asymmetrical labia.

Both procedures are completed with closing the incisions with dissolvable stitches or glue. Once the operation is over, most patients are able to return home on the same day. A few cases may require a one night in the hospital. You will be provided with painkillers if you are in any pain.

Before you decide to go ahead with labiaplasty, it is important that you know about the potential risks and complications. Some of the potential labiaplasty risks and complications are:

  • Bleeding
  • Scarring
  • Infection
  • Skin colour irregularities
  • Reduction in the sensitivity of the genitals
  • Development of blood clots
  • Risks of anaesthesia
  • Nausea & vomiting
  • Postoperative pain.
  • Necrosis- The death of skin and tissue is known as necrosis.
  • Aesthetic- You may be unhappy with the results of surgery.

After the surgery under general anesthetic, you may feel a little groggy. You may also find it difficult to remember things or concentrate for a few days. This is completely normal and will resolve in a couple of days. Alternatively, after a surgery under local anaesthetic and sedation, you may feel numb in the treatment area. This resolves after a few hours. Furthermore, you may find the treatment area to be a little sore for a few days.

It is important to rest in the first two weeks. You should not partake in any sport or exercise. These activities increase the risk of swelling around the treatment area. After two weeks, you can start with light activities like gentle walks and must still avoid vigorous exercise.

After one month you can resume all activities. Due to the friction caused in the treatment area you may still need to avoid cycling or horse riding. It is also important that you refrain from sexual intercourse for at least a month. This is because sexual intercourse can alter the healing of the newly shaped labia. Tampons during this time should also be avoided for similar reasons.

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Labiaplasty Surgery Cost in Gurgaon

The minimum cost of a Labiaplasty surgery in Gurgaon is Rs. 33,000. The average cost incurred during a Labiaplasty surgery is approximately Rs. 55,000- Rs. 60,000. In case of any complications, the expenses may go as high as Rs. 85,000- Rs. 90,000. The cost of labiaplasty may vary depending on factors like:

  • Admission fee
  • Doctor’s fee
  • Patient’s age
  • Required lab tests such as ECG, X-ray, etc.
  • Post-surgical complications (if any)
  • Type of hospital you choose
  • Admission room that you choose

To know more about the cost of labiaplasty and the factors affecting it click on the link below. You can avail the most affordable Labiaplasty surgery packages with our help. Get in touch with us at 636-636-3030 to know more. For further financial assistance we also provide Medical Loans at 0% interest.

Cost of Labiaplasty (Reshaping women vaginal lips) in Gurgaon

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Labiaplasty Surgeon in Gurgaon

Both gynecologists and plastic surgeons can perform a labiaplasty surgery in Gurgaon.

In most cases speaking with a gynecologist is the first step. This is because the gynecologist will be able to identify if your labia is normal or not. They may also connect you with someone who regularly performs labiaplasties in case they do not perform the procedure themselves.

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Labiaplasty Center in Gurgaon

Labiaplasty surgery is an intricate procedure that helps in redesigning one’s labia. If proper care is not taken, the procedure can lead to serious complications. A good Labiaplasty hospital will have a team of experienced specialists and non-medical staff. They also have an ultra-modern infrastructure which is fitted with all the equipment required for the Labiaplasty surgery. Before you make a decision about which hospital is best for your treatment, you must do thorough research about the hospital.

All Labiaplasty Hospitals in Gurgaon that are listed with Zealthy have the above-mentioned qualities and facilities. Our list of top Labiaplasty surgery hospitals will help you choose from the best hospitals. To know more get in touch with us at 636-636-3030.

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