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Best Oophorectomy Treatment Cost in Gurgaon

Oophorectomy is the procedure done to surgically remove one or both of the affected ovaries from the female reproductive system. This can be done either by laparotomy or laparoscopically. Adverse conditions like ectopic pregnancy, benign ovarian tumors, ovarian cancer etc are the main causes for getting ovaries removed. The Oophorectomy cost in Gurgaon falls between Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000.

This is an almost affordable cost of Oophorectomy in Gurgaon for all groups of people. This cost is the average cost for an ovary removal surgery in Gurgaon and it may vary if the situation terms to be difficult. Along with surgery for removing ovaries, other medical treatments in Gurgaon are much lesser when compared to other developed countries. Patients from all over the world visit hospitals of Gurgaon for their excellent cost-cutting facilities. Patients can conveniently enjoy payment methods like online payments, cheques, debit and credit cards and money orders. Also the price of oophorectomy surgery is substantially lower in Gurgaon than compared to other developed countries of the world.

Cost of Ovary Removal Surgery (Oophorectomy) in Gurgaon

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Know more about Ovary Removal Surgery (Oophorectomy) Cost in Gurgaon

What is Oophorectomy or ovary removal surgery?

Oophorectomy is surgery done to remove one or both the ovaries. It is also known as ovary removal surgery and ovariectomy. When only one ovary is removed, it is known as “unilateral Oophorectomy” and if both the ovaries are removed it is known as “bilateral Oophorectomy”.[1]

Why is Oophorectomy performed?

There are a number of medical conditions that need surgical removal of ovaries. These are [2]

  • Benign tumors of ovaries
  • Pelvic pain of the chronic type
  • Large and painful cysts in the ovaries
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Those who have the risk of getting cancer of breasts and ovaries

Which specialist is the right one for oophorectomy?

A certified and trained gynecological surgeon having many years of experience in performing ovary removal surgeries can perform oophorectomy.

What is prophylactic Oophorectomy?

Women at risk of developing cancers of breasts and ovaries and those with a family history of cancer opt for prophylactic Oophorectomy. This is an elective surgery that involves the removal of both the ovaries and thus helps in the prevention of developing ovarian cancer in the future.

How to get prepared for Oophorectomy?

It is important to know the risks and complications associated with Oophorectomy before opting for it. Discussion with your doctor about your medical history will help in making the correct decisions.

The doctor will make you understand that it is impossible to have children after bilateral Oophorectomy. And if you opt for unilateral Oophorectomy, chances of getting pregnant are very less and also patients face severe problems to conceive. If the patient wants children, consulting a fertility doctor before surgery is necessary for considering other options.

As the Oophorectomy procedure also creates anxiety and sadness, consulting a counselor would help.

What are the factors that affect oophorectomy cost in Gurgaon?

There are many factors that decide the cost of ovary removal surgery. They are as follows:

  • Admission fee of the patient into the hospital
  • The fee of the consulting doctor
  • Age of the patient coming for oophorectomy
  • Medical status and past medical history of the patient
  • Post-surgical complications that arise
  • Type of the hospital where surgery is done
  • The hospital room that you opt for
  • Lab or other diagnostic tests like X-ray, ECG

Is oophorectomy considered as minor or major surgery?

Surgically removing ovaries is considered as a major kind of surgery. This is because there is a need of abdominal incisions followed by the removal of either one or both the ovaries of a woman.

What is the cost of Oophorectomy in Gurgaon?

The actual Oophorectomy cost in Gurgaon would be around Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000. This Oophorectomy cost again varies on the other medical conditions associated with the patient, location of the hospital and its maintenance standards.

It is the duty of the patient to clearly enquire about the experience of the doctor, the reputation of the hospital and other essential amenities when taking the decision to admit for surgery.

What are the pre-assessment tests that affect Oophorectomy cost?

Once you decide to undergo surgery for your ovary removal, a number of tests are done as pre-assessment preparation. [3] They include:

  • Blood tests
  • Urine tests
  • Complete physical examination
  • Ultrasound or CT scan

The patient should tell her doctor clearly about any medications she is taking, any supplements and prescriptions and any over the counter medicines.

What is pre-surgery preparation for Oophorectomy?

There are some of the measures that you can take for steady and problem-free surgery.

  • During the pre-assessment, the patient is provided with all the details to be followed before the surgery.
  • You will be needed to fast before surgery, which means no eating or drinking. You should not eat after midnight, the night before the surgery.
  • The patient is allowed to take sips of water 3 hours before surgery. Sometimes, your doctor gives enema to clean the intestines.

Is Oophorectomy done under general anesthesia?

Oophorectomy is done in two ways, both laparotomy or open surgery and Laparoscopic or keyhole surgery. While performing Laparoscopic Oophorectomy, the surgeon sedates the patient by giving a local or general anesthesia. He will also sedate the patient which allows the patient to be relaxed. You will be sleeping throughout the process when given general anesthesia whereas you will be awake when given local anesthesia. The local and the general anesthesia helps in not feeling the pain. The introduction of anesthesia influences the total cost of oophorectomy in Gurgaon.

What are the surgical procedures followed to perform ovary removal surgery?

As we discuss in the above question, Oophorectomy is carried out by open surgery or Laparoscopic surgery. Let us know in detail about them.

  • Laparotomy: This is more invasive surgery. Sometimes according to the medical need of the patient, this Oophorectomy or ovary removal surgery is performed along with hysterectomy.

General anesthesia is given to sedate the patient. The doctor then makes vertical or horizontal incisions on the abdomen. Vertical incisions ( cuts made like a straight line) are said to offer a better view of the ovaries to the doctor while the horizontal incisions ( a cut that is made like a sleeping line) leave a noticeable scar. The specialist then approaches ovaries by separating abdominal muscles and cut ties the blood supply of the ovaries to prevent blood loss and then slowly removes the ovaries from the abdomen. Once ovaries are removed, the incision is stitched and dressings were done.

  • Laparoscopic Oophorectomy: In this procedure, the surgeon makes small incisions near the belly area and inserts a laparoscope. This is a thin long tube holding a small camera at one end. This camera helps in the projection of the images of the abdomen which are reflected onto the monitor of the operating room. Then in order to cut off the blood supply to the ovaries other needed surgical tools are inserted through other small incisions. The ovaries are then separated from other surrounding tissues and slowly pulled out of the abdomen through the incision. Once the surgery is done, incisions are closed and you will a very small scar on the abdomen which is not much clear.

What is the post-operative recovery in Oophorectomy and does it affect the cost of oophorectomy?

After completion of the surgery, staying in the recovery room for 1 to 2 hours is essential for wearing off the anesthetic effect. Then you will be shifted to the inpatient ward where you are supposed to spend 1 to 3 nights depending on the type of surgery performed. This hospital stay is little less in Laparoscopic Oophorectomy compared to Laparotomy. The hospital stays can also influence the total oophorectomy cost in Gurgaon.

What is the cost of Oophorectomy in Gurgaon?

The cost of ovary removing surgery in Gurgaon may range anywhere from Rs.30, 000 to 50,000. Medicines and others may cost around Rs.8000. For the benefit of patients, few best hospitals offer a varied and reasonable price of ovary removal surgery. Quality and patient-centric services at reasonable Oophorectomy costs in Gurgaon are given by the best team of surgeons.

Are there factors that influence the cost of Oophorectomy in Gurgaon?

There are a few factors that certainly cause modifications in the cost of Oophorectomy in Gurgaon. The important factors among them are:

  • Medical history of the patient before the treatment and at the time of treatment
  • Experience of the surgeon performing surgery
  • Place of treatment (cost is higher in metro cities compared to others)
  • Facilities that are provided by the hospital
  • Advanced methods used and other associated tests
  • Laboratory tests needed before and during the procedure

How long should I stay in the hospital for Laparotomy?

Generally for this type of surgery involved in ovary removing, the patient is made to stay under observation for about 2 to 3 nights in the hospital. Then depending upon the recovery of the patient and if the patient can sit, stand and move along a short distance, discharge can be done.

What is the hospital stay period if I undergo Laparoscopic Oophorectomy?

If you are operated laparoscopically for Oophorectomy, then overnight stay at the hospital is recommended. Even this stay can be increased to one more overnight stay, which again depends on the medical condition of the patient. Once you are stabilized, the surgeon plans your discharge by giving instructions about post-operative care.

When can I return to my normal lifestyle following Laparotomy?

This depends on your recovery following surgery and your overall medical history before surgery. Normally it is advised for going to normal activities after 6 weeks of Laparotomy surgery. Strictly following the doctor's instructions will help in better improvement of the overall condition.

When can I return to my normal lifestyle after having Laparoscopic Oophorectomy?

The patient after Laparoscopic Oophorectomy can do her daily activities with minimum help after 2 weeks following Oophorectomy. It again depends on how you cope up with the after-effects of the surgery and your overall pre and post medical status.

What is the role of diet and activity after surgery?

You are advised to eat good fiber-rich food and food that is enriched with essential vitamins and minerals to fasten up the healing process. The surgery specialist may also prescribe some supplements to boost up your immunity. Plenty of rest is also required for the body to heal better. You should take the advice from the doctor about resuming your sexual intercourse.

What are the complications of Oophorectomy?

Any kind of surgery has its own risks as is the case of Oophorectomy. Few of the risks following Oophorectomy are

  • Bleeding at the site of operation
  • Infection of the incision area
  • Formation of blood clots
  • Allergic response to anesthesia
  • Damage to nearby internal organs
  • Hernia due to cut opening and thus weakened abdominal muscles
  • Formation of scar tissue

Are there any symptoms that alert me to visit my surgeon after coming home?

Yes, if you develop any of the following symptoms, it is required to visit the doctor immediately

  • Vomiting and nausea for continuous days
  • Noticeable swelling with redness at the incision area
  • Difficulty in urination
  • Chronic abdominal pain
  • Vaginal bleeding or abnormal discharge
  • Fever
  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty in breathing

What are the possible side-effects of Oophorectomy?

As we discussed that ovaries produce estrogen, removal of them makes the body deprived of estrogen and the patient experience symptoms of menopause like

  • Night sweats
  • Hot flushes
  • Dryness of vagina
  • Mood swings
  • Absence of periods
  • Infertility

Is there any option to deal with menopause due to Oophorectomy?

Normal menopause for a woman occurs at 45 to 50 years of age. After Oophorectomy, the woman is put to forced menopause known as surgical menopause as it is caused after the removal of ovaries. This surgical menopause increases the risk of osteoporosis. So the doctor may suggest a low dose of hormone replacement therapy or other such medicines to deal with the symptoms. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly and getting plenty of sleep helps to overcome menopausal symptoms following Oophorectomy.

Is there any risk of developing other medical disorders after Oophorectomy?

Estrogen and progesterone are essential female sex hormones. They maintain healthy uterus and overall good female symptoms. Once they are deficient in the body after ovary removal, the patient has a risk of developing heart disease, memory disturbances, vascular problems, neurological disorders and few more. Your consulting surgeon should be visited for any such concerns and further care to be taken in such cases.

What is the actual success rate of ovary removal surgery?

Some factors like below influence the success rate of oophorectomy:

  • Age of the patient undergoing surgery
  • Medical status of the patient before and after the surgery
  • Type of ovary removal surgery that is performed

The overall success rate of oophorectomy is said to be about 95%

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