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kirti nagar, delhi

IVF Success Rates -86%

IVF Cost - ₹ 1,25,000

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shalimar bagh, delhi

IVF Success Rates -78%

IVF Cost - ₹ 1,30,000

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Adarsh Nagar, delhi

IVF Success Rates -77%

IVF Cost - ₹ 1,40,000

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green park, delhi

IVF Success Rates -78%

IVF Cost - ₹ 1,30,000

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punjabi bagh, delhi

IVF Success Rates -80%

IVF Cost - ₹ 1,40,000

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dwarka sector 4, delhi

IVF Success Rates -78%

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Pashim Vihar, delhi

IVF Success Rates -78%

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vikaspuri, delhi

IVF Success Rates -68%

IVF Cost - ₹ 1,90,000

Greater Kailash Part 1, Delhi

IVF Success Rates -52%

IVF Cost - ₹ 1,25,000

Malviya Nagar, Delhi

IVF Success Rates -62%

IVF Cost - ₹ 1,25,000

Chitra Vihar, Delhi

IVF Success Rates -66%

IVF Cost - ₹ 1,10,000

Malviya Nagar, Delhi

IVF Success Rates -59%

IVF Cost - ₹ 1,60,000

Ashok Vihar, Delhi

IVF Success Rates -55%

IVF Cost - ₹ 1,30,000

lajpat nagar 2, delhi

IVF Success Rates -66%

IVF Cost - ₹ 1,55,000

Dwarka, Delhi

IVF Success Rates -56%

IVF Cost - ₹ 1,60,000

Best IVF clinic in Delhi

IVF Clinic NameIVF Clinic Success ratesIVF Clinic Cost
Fertile Solutions IVF And Research Center (FSIVF)86%₹ 1,25,000
Fertile Solutions IVF And Research Centre78%₹ 1,30,000
FSIVF & Research Center77%₹ 1,40,000
International Fertility Centre78%₹ 1,30,000
Maharaja Agrasen Seedling Ivf80%₹ 1,40,000
seedling ivf78%-
Seedling IVF78%-
A H IVF and Infertility Research Center68%₹ 1,90,000
Aaditri Multispeciality Clinic52%₹ 1,25,000
Aakash Hospital62%₹ 1,25,000
Aarogya Hospital66%₹ 1,10,000
Aarogyada Clinic59%₹ 1,60,000
Aasha Clinic - Ashok Vihar55%₹ 1,30,000
Aastha Medical Centre66%₹ 1,55,000
Aastha Medicare56%₹ 1,60,000


What is IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) and what are the steps involved in It’s process?

In Vitro Fertilization is latin word “In Vitro” meaning “within the glass” and fertilisation means the “fusion of two gametes” thus IVF means “fertilization within glass”.

IVF is a kind of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) used to treat infertility and offers an opportunity of parenthood to couples who are trying to conceive but are unable to do so naturally.

Let’s discuss more on what is IVF and how IVF treatment is performed in IVF centre in Delhi? Find below the process of IVF Treatment:

  • After initial assessment of both the members of a couple, IVF fertility specialist will design a fertility plan and will prescribe medicines that you need to take at home or at IVF clinic in Delhi.
  • IVF cycle begins with the first day of your menstruation cycle - a group of medications and/or injections will be given as per your fertility plan developed by your IVF doctor at IVF clinic in Delhi.
  • Medications will continue for the next 8-14 days to stimulate ovary - this helps in production of more eggs from ovary.
  • During this period of ovarian stimulation, fertility specialist or IVF doctor will be monitoring your ovaries and hormonal levels. He/she may order certain blood tests to check for changes in hormonal level in your blood along with ultrasound at regular intervals to look for activity within ovaries. Doctors may also change medication as per the need or physical condition of the patient.
  • Next step in IVF treatment is to induce “Ovulation” of eggs by ovaries, with the help of trigger injection or medication.
  • This step is immediately followed by the “Egg Retrieval” step, for this your fertility specialist will ask you to visit the fertility center or IVF centre in Delhi to retrieve eggs from your uterus. Procedure will be done under general anesthesia and the fertility specialist will try to collect as many healthy eggs as possible from ovaries. This procedure roughly takes 20-30 minutes only and you may be discharged within 2-3 hours depending on the physical health and condition. You may also experience slight bleeding post this process but nothing to worry about.
  • On the same day your partner will be asked to provide a sample of fresh sperm or in case of a donor sperms will be collected on the same day. In case you have selected the option of sperm freezing earlier, the same can be utilized for the process of fertilization within the lab. This takes place at your selected IVF centre in Delhi.
  • Next step is “Fertilization” where collected or donor eggs and sperm are kept in a petri dish for fertilization within the laboratory at IVF center.
  • Fertilization within the lab generally happens within 24hrs to form embryos - for the next 3-5 days, the development of embryo is monitored - in general your fertility specialist will look to develop 4-5 embryo within lab.
  • Next step is “Implantation of embryo” - your fertility specialist will ask you again to visit IVF centre in Delhi and will select most healthy embryos after initial assessment of each embryo - post that the one which are most healthy are selected to be implanted inside the woman uterus. Generally 2-3 embryos are implanted however it depends upon patient to patient or how many healthy embryos or available or if any advanced techniques like PGS/PGD were involved in selection of embryo or how many embryo developed till blastocyst stage (80 or or more cell stage) within lab at IVF center.

Around 10-12 days post implantation of embryo, fertility specialist will order a hCG level to be measured within your blood. If sufficiently high hCG hormone is found within your blood, your doctor may order a confirmation ultrasound test to look for successful implantation and to rule out other conditions like ectopic pregnancy. These tests are done to confirm pregnancy.

In which conditions a couple require IVF Treatment from Best IVF centre in Delhi?

IVF treatment from top IVF center in Delhi is considered one of the most effective ways for couples who are finding it difficult to conceive naturally.

Initially IVF was considered an option to conceive for women having tubal ailments but is now considered to be the most successful way of treating infertility.

IVF Treatment at any advance IVF centre in Delhi can be considered as an option in given below conditions:

  • Fallopian Tube Damage or Blockage
  • Previous Tubal Sterilization or Removal
  • Ovulatory Disorders
  • Uterine Fibroid
  • Endometriosis
  • Unexplained Infertility
  • Genetic Disorder
  • Fertility Preservation for Cancer or Other Health Conditions
  • Impaired Sperm Production or Function
  • Surrogacy

Which clinical tests are required for women before starting IVF Treatment at any Best IVF centre in Delhi?

IVF Specialists recommend a battery of tests before starting IVF procedure, these tests are generally recommended by doctors to understand the nature and reason of infertility plus it also helps doctors to prevent any complications during the treatment. Tests before starting IVF treatment are generally recommended after intensive consultation with the infertility doctors. Once tests are completed and reports are available, your infertility specialist will recommend best alternatives for infertility treatment which is a standard protocol for all top IVF centre in Delhi.

Below is suggestive list of clinical tests which your IVF doctor in a given IVF centre in Delhi may recommend based on extensive clinical history and examination done at the IVF centre:

1. General Screening Test : Infectious and Genetic

  • Infection Screening Tests
  • Pre-Pregnancy Screening Tests
  • Pituitary/Thyroid Screening Tests
  • Genetic Screening Tests
  • Pap Smear Test

2. Ovarian Function and Ovarian Reserve Screening

About 30-35% of female-related infertility is due to Ovarian function Disorders. Primary purpose of these tests is to diagnose ovarian function.

Following tests are performed under Ovarian Reserve Screening:

  • Baseline Ultrasound
  • Day 3 Blood Work

3. Fallopian Tube Evaluation

Commonly, 20-30% of the female infertility cases are due to fallopian tube defects. Some of which are blockage of tube, scarring within tubes due to earlier or undiscovered pelvic infections, abdominal infections, for example, appendicitis, ectopic pregnancy or endometriosis. Most of the time Fallopian tube evaluation is done via Hysterosalpingography, your infertility specialist may recommend it based on initial evaluation done via ultrasound.

4. Uterine Evaluation

One of the most critical evaluations is to assess the anatomy of the uterus to analyze the structural or functional abnormalities within uterus which might be preventing successful pregnancy.

Uterine Scar Tissue (from earlier infections or pregnancies), Polyps, Fibroids and auxiliary deformities within uterus are instances affecting fertility and preventing natural pregnancy.

A through evaluation includes:

  • Baseline Pelvic/Vaginal Ultrasound
  • HSG (Hysterosalpingogram)
  • Sonohysterography/Sonohysterogram (Saline Sonography)
  • Diagnostic Hysteroscopy
  • Diagnostic Laparoscopy
  • Endometrial Biopsy

Which are some of the clinical tests required for male before starting IVF Treatment at top IVF centre in Delhi?

Overall around 40% of couples suffer from Infertility due to male-related issues. To assess and identify the causes of male related infertility a thorough general physical examination of male and a battery of tests might be recommended by your infertility specialist at their IVF centre in Delhi.

Following tests might be recommended for males under infertility assessment:

  • Semen Analysis
  • Anti-sperm antibodies
  • Karyotyping
  • Genetic test (Y chromosome deletion testing – Genetic disorder testing)
  • Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay (SCSA)
  • Testicular biopsy

When should you visit IVF Specialist from best IVF center in Delhi?

Ideally a couple trying to conceive but cannot do so naturally, should consider visiting an infertility specialist or an IVF doctor at one of the Best IVF centre in Delhi.

Listed below are situations in which one should consider meeting an IVF specialist or going to an IVF centre in Delhi:

  • When both members of a couple are less than 30 years of age and trying to conceive for more than 12 months and still cannot conceive.
  • When both members of a couple are more than 30 years of age and trying to conceive for more than 6 months and still cannot conceive.
  • IVF is the most suitable treatment option for women above 35 years who are unable to conceive naturally.
  • If you have had three or more miscarriages, IVF treatment could be a good option for parenthood.
  • In cases of male infertility issues like early ejaculation, sperm structural or functional abnormalities.
  • If you are suffering from irregular periods or excessive blood flow which is affecting your fertility.
  • Male or female who have had sexual problems in the past.
  • If anyone from the couple has diseases like diabetes, heart problems, hypertension etc affecting conception.
  • The woman is unable to conceive, even after IUI treatment.

What are some of the important factors to consider while choosing an IVF Specialist in a Best IVF centre in Delhi?

IVF is a complex process and thus every aspect of a couple's health should be taken into consideration. To be successful, IVF treatment requires great care at each step starting from the beginning of IVF treatment until the birth of the baby and even after that as well.

Apart from the treatment aspect, couples, especially women, have their worries and questions related to the IVF process. It is OK to be a little anxious and worried before the IVF procedure, a good doctor can easily make you comfortable with the IVF process by answering all your questions.

We suggest you to consider the following factors while choosing an IVF specialist in an IVF centre in Delhi :

  • The doctor's qualification and his experience in the field of advanced IVF treatment.
  • If the doctor has a sweet, loving and friendly nature.
  • Is the doctor able to give satisfying answers to your problems?
  • If the doctor has a good understanding of advanced reproductive techniques, also the hospital is fully equipped with modern facilities and the latest IVF technologies.
  • The doctor's experience with modern IVF tools and techniques.
  • The success rate of the doctor for IVF treatment.

How to determine if IVF treatment from Best IVF centre in Delhi was successful?

IVF Treatment success results from best IVF centre in Delhi can be determined in the following manner:

  • Around 12 to 14 days after embryo implantation, fertility specialists will recommend you hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone test. For this, they will take a blood test to check the degree of hCG in your blood.
  • A higher hCG level in your circulatory system, for the most part, shows a positive sign after the embryo transfer.

Your doctor will refer you to an obstetrician for prenatal care if you are examined as a pregnant.

What is the Success rate of IVF treatment at any IVF centre in Delhi?

IVF Success rate in Delhi inclines toward different components such as the reason for infertility, place where you are getting IVF treatment, and the age factor. As indicated by insights, a 30% live birth rate due to IVF is viewed as a decent standard around the world.

Below is the indicative success rate of IVF treatment in any give IVF centre in Delhi:

  • For women younger than 35 years, the live birth rate percentage per egg yield is 54.4 %.
  • For 35-37 years of age, the success rate due to IVF is 42 %.
  • For 38-40 years of age, the success rate due to IVF is 26.6 %.
  • For 41-42 years of age, the success rate due to IVF is 13.3 %.
  • For a woman aged 43 and above, the success rate of IVF treatment is 3.9 %.
  • While using donor sperm the rate of live birth per cycle is 53.5 %.
  • While using donor sperm with freezing egg the rate of live birth per cycle is 38.5%.

How many cycles of IVF treatment a couple would require to get pregnant at any IVF centre in Delhi?

As indicated in one of the latest study, women who conceived with IVF treatment at one of the best IVF centre in Delhi experienced average of 2.7 cycles. They found that the chances for progress for women of all ages after three IVF cycles were somewhere in the range of 34 and 42 percent. To improve your opportunities, you should try for at least 2-3 IVF cycles.

What are the risks and complications associated with IVF treatment from any top IVF centre in Delhi?

The IVF procedure is a complex one and can lead to issues like premature delivery. However, as the IVF treatment in any IVF center in Delhi is followed after thorough consideration and your fertility expert is monitoring your health closely, there is no need to fear the complications.

It would help if you tried to have an itemized conversation with your fertility expert about the risks associated with the procedure.

The risks and complexities of IVF treatment are the following:

  • Chances of Multiple Birth
  • Premature delivery and low birth weight
  • Ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome
  • Miscarriage
  • Egg retrieval procedure complications
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Birth defects
  • Cancer
  • Stress

What is the total cost of IVF treatment at one of the Top IVF centre in Delhi?

The cost of IVF treatment at best IVF centre in Delhi ranges from approximately Rs 70,000/ - Rs 1,50,000/ which includes the fertility doctor's consultation, ovarian stimulation, eggs retrieval, fertilization within lab, embryo implantation and pregnancy tests however cost may increase or decrease based on condition of the patients like in cases of donor sperm requirements or donor egg requirements or more advanced procedures like assisted hatching or ICSI. The doctor's fee depends upon his experience and IVF centre at which he/she is working.

There are various factors which affect the total cost of IVF treatment at best IVF centre in Delhi, such as,

  • The fertility specialist or doctor's fee based on his/her experience.
  • City of treatment
  • Number of steps required for IVF treatment like ovarian stimulation, ultrasound and monitoring, egg retrieval, sperm preparation, fertilization, and embryo transfer.
  • The techniques used in IVF like egg/sperm/embryo donor, surrogacy, egg/sperm/embryo freezing, TESA, MESA, PESA, TESE, PGD, PGS, ICSI, IMSI, assisted hatching, ERA, etc.

The total cost of IVF in one of the best IVF centre in Delhi and which treatments package will be included in it, is decided by the IVF doctor or IVF Centre. So couples need to visit a doctor and clear all the doubts about the process.

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