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Hymen Repair Surgery (Hymenoplasty) in Gurgaon

Hymenoplasty is also known as “Hymenorrhaphy”. The term hymenorrhaphy is the marriage of two Greek words - “hymen” which means “membrane” and “raphḗ” which means “suture”.

Hymenoplasty is the cosmetic repair, construction or reconstruction of the hymen in a woman. In order to explain hymenoplasty, it is necessary to know what hymen is? A hymen is a thin fleshy tissue which is located at the opening of your vagina. In most cases, hymen naturally has a hole big enough for the menstrual blood to come out. The hymen can be torn or broken the first time a woman has sex which can result in bleeding and pain. The hymen can also be torn or broken due to some physical activities like riding a bike, horse riding, using a tampon, etc.

In some cases, a girl is born with so little hymen that it seems like she doesn’t have it at all (it is almost negligible). In rare cases, a girl can also be born without a hymen. Whether it is a torn hymen, negligible hymen or no hymen, Hymenoplasty is the surgery that can eradicate all of these issues in a simple 1 to 2 hour surgery.

Reasons to choose Hymenoplasty

Just like an appendix a hymen doesn’t have any real purpose. Even then, throughout history, many cultures have taken the presence of an intact hymen as a symbol of virginity. Even today, in my cultures, it is necessary for a woman to bleed during the first time she has sex after marriage. This is one of the reasons a woman goes through hymenoplasty. Many women these days engage in sexual acts before marriage which tears their hymen. It can also happen due to physical activities. Women choose hymenoplasty to repair or restore their hymen to its natural size and shape.

Women of older age can use this surgery to tighten their hymen for an enhanced sexual experience.

A woman can also choose to have this procedure in case of an accidental rupture of the hymen. This accidental rupture may be caused by activities like cycling, horse riding, etc.

For women who are born with an Imperforate Hymen (a condition in which the hymen completely covers the vaginal opening), a hymenoplastic procedure called hymenotomy is used. Hymenotomy is a procedure in which extra tissue from a hymen covering the vaginal opening partially or fully is removed. This procedure is also performed on women having a Septate Hymen (a condition in which the hymen has an extra band of tissue which results in two vaginal openings instead of one) or a Microperforate Hymen (a condition in which the hymen partially covers the opening of the vagina).

Hymenoplasty can also be used to repair the damage caused to the hymen in a sexual assault. Whatever damage has been done to the hymen can be repaired by this procedure which can help the women feel rejuvenated and healed so she can move on from the ordeal and live a healthy life.

Hymenoplasty is not a permanent surgery. It is a temporary fix. Which means your hymen will again get torn the first time it is penetrated after the surgery. It will also bleed like a natural hymen during the first penetration.

Hymenoplasty procedure

Hymenoplasty is performed under anesthesia so you never feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. In this procedure, the surgeon will gently and carefully cut out the torn edges of the hymen. They will then stitch together the remaining tissue of the hymen leaving a small vaginal opening. If the hymen is absent or negligible they will construct or reconstruct a hymen using synthetic tissue or tissue from your own vagina. The surgeon may also add a blood supply to the reconstructed hymen which will make it possible to bleed when penetrated for the first time after the surgery. This reconstructed or constructed hymen will look and feel like a natural hymen.

The stitches of the hymen will dissolve within a couple of days of the surgery. It might take about 6 weeks for a patient to heal completely from the surgery. No one will be able to tell the difference between the reconstructed hymen and a natural hymen. Moreover, the surgery doesn’t leave any scars.

Hymenoplasty doesn’t have any serious risks. You might feel some pain or discomfort after the procedure which is completely normal. Your doctor might also give you some painkillers to reduce the pain. You can go back to your normal routine the day after the surgery however, it is advised to refrain from any heavy lifting or excessive physical activity for a couple of days.

We at Zealthy provide in-detail information about hymenoplasty. Continue reading for more information on the doctors and hospitals providing hymenoplasty, cost of hymenoplasty, etc. You can also call @ 636-636-3030 for personalised assistance.

Surgery to repair hymen or restrore virginity

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Hysterectomy Cost in Gurgaon

At times, the cost of hymenoplasty in Gurgaon can become a major concern of a woman thinking about opting for hymenoplasty. However, this surgery is affordable and many clinics and hospitals provide schemes to make the surgery more affordable and pocket friendly.

The hymen repair surgery cost in Gurgaon varies according to multiple factors and region to region. It can cost within the range of Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000. Since this procedure doesn’t necessarily require a hospital stay, the cost of hymenoplasty in Gurgaon depends mainly on the surgery and hospital charges for the surgery. Most of the recovery will depend on you taking care of yourself so even that will reduce the total hymenoplasty cost in Gurgaon.

Additionally, there are some factors that will significantly affect the hymen repair surgery cost in Gurgaon. Some of them are:

  • The type of hospital you choose (private/ government)
  • The total experience of the surgeon
  • The city where the surgery will take place (metro cities usually charge more for such surgeries)
  • Any medications required after the surgery

If any assistance is needed for covering the total cost of hymenoplasty in Gurgaon, a patient can always look for medical health insurances or loans. There are many private and government banks and insurance companies who will cover the cost of this surgery. We at Zealthy, also provide loans at 0% interest, for more information call @ 636-636-3030.

Cost of Hymen Repair or Virginity Restoration Surgery (Hymenoplasty) in Gurgaon

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Hymenoplasty Doctor in Gurgaon

Hymenoplasty is a minor procedure which can be completed in one to two hours. The patient going through this procedure will be under the influence of an anesthetic and hence won’t experience any pain during the surgery. Mostly the doctors performing this surgery are gynecologists, general surgeons or plastic surgeons. There are thousands of top hymenoplasty surgeons in Gurgaon but it is important to find the best among them for a hassle-free and successful surgery. In order to find the best hymenoplasty doctor in Gurgaon, one should look for the following characteristics:

  • The doctor should be a certified gynecologist, general surgeon or plastic surgeon
  • They should have considerable years of experience performing hymenoplasty surgeries
  • They should have good reviews backing up their good and successful work
  • They should have good success rates of this surgery

We at Zealthy, have some of the best hymenoplasty surgeons in Gurgaon available for consultation. They are all experts in their field with years of experience. They offer patient care and treatment of international standards at affordable prices. You can choose the best doctor from your region and book a consultation free of cost at Zealthy. For more information call us @ 636-636-3030.


Hymenoplasty Center in Gurgaon

With the increasing popularity of hymenoplasty in Gurgaon, many new clinics, hospitals and centers have started providing this surgery. You can also find many infertility centers as well as multispeciality hospitals offering this surgery. Many plastic surgery clinics also provide hymenoplasty in Gurgaon. With so many options in hand, it might get confusing to choose a good hymenoplasty center in Gurgaon. In such a case look for the following parameters before making a decision.

  • The clinic/ center/ hospital should have certifications or accreditations from proper authorities or organizations
  • It should have qualified doctors and surgeons for consultation and surgery
  • It should have proper infrastructure and rooms to support such surgery
  • It should have all the facilities required to carry out the surgery

You also call @ 636-636-3030 for more information on how to choose a top hymenoplasty center in Gurgaon. We at Zealthy also have some of the best doctors working at the best hospitals and centers in Gurgaon.

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