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Blocked Fallopian Tubes Treatment Cost in India

Fallopian tubes of the female reproductive system play a major role in the process of fertilization of the egg with the sperm and transferring of the resulting embryo to the uterus to be implanted. If these tubes are damaged due to scars or pelvic infections or previous surgeries then this movement of egg and sperm is greatly affected and this attaining pregnancy becomes a hard task. The most common cause of infertility among young women in India is blocked fallopian tubes. This condition is to be corrected to attain pregnancy and in India the surgery to remove blocks would start from Rs.25,000. Experienced doctors provide quality services at affordable blocked fallopian tubes surgery prices in India.

For the one looking for an affordable price of tubal blockage surgery, a wide range of diagnostic options HSG, ultrasound are offered by hospitals in India. Treatments is done laparoscopically to remove blocks in the tubes, increase the chances of fertility and to attain pregnancy at a very reasonable cost in India. There is a patient-centric multimodal approach for gaining high positive results of tubal blockage treatments at the best hospitals in India.

Cost of Blocked Fallopian Tubes Treatment in India

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Know more about Blocked Fallopian Tubes Treatment Cost in India

What does a blocked fallopian tube mean?

Fallopian tubes are the meeting places of sperm with the egg. If these tubes are affected by the formation of scars following a surgery or a serious infection like sexually transmitted diseases, there will be a buildup of debris leading to tubal blockage.

What are the known causes of fallopian tubes blockage and its effect on the cost of fallopian tubes treatment surgery in India?

The blocks in tubes can result from various conditions and diseases. The following conditions contribute blocked fallopian tubes:

  • Pelvic infection
  • Scars from previous surgery
  • Endometriosis condition
  • Sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia, gonorrhoea
  • Tuberculosis of genital tract
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Growth of fibroids attached near the uterus

The severe blocks, the exclusive and time taking will be the surgical procedure and needs highly experienced surgeons, fine surgical tools, mechanical ventilators, effective medications, etc, and all these influence the cost of fallopian tubes treatment surgery in India.

What symptoms are shown by the patient with fallopian tubes blockage?

Mostly women with tubal blockages do not show symptoms. But common symptoms that are present in tubal blockages are

  • Facing difficulty to conceive
  • Pain while menstruating
  • Pain while having sex
  • Pain when passing urine
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge
  • Severe pelvic pain

Is pregnancy possible in a patient with blocked fallopian tubes?

When there are blocks in fallopian tubes, the movement of egg and sperm is hindered and thus the fertilization is hard to take place. In a woman with one tube blocked still, pregnancy can occur but in a woman having both tubes blocked, pregnancy is impossible naturally as sperm cannot be carried to the egg for fertilization because of blocks in fallopian tubes and for them in vitro fertilization (IVF) is the only option.

IVF is an expensive procedure and the cost of blocked fallopian tubes treatment surgery definitely varies with the incorporation of IVF methods.

Pregnancy can be achieved at a rate of 50% by the intrauterine process in patients with proximal tubal blockage.[1]

Can a woman with blocked fallopian tubes have her regular periods?

Regular periods are not disturbed with the presence of blocks in fallopian tubes and a woman can still ovulate normally. Even if both tubes are blocked a woman still gets her regular menstrual cycle. Only the process of fertilization of egg with the sperm is reduced with blocks in one of the tubes and with blocks in both the tubes getting pregnancy is totally impossible.

What is the success rate of surgery for tubal blockage?

The success rate of tubal surgery more or less depends on the age of the patient, cause of the blockage, and whether it is unilateral blockage or bilateral blockage etc. there is an expected improvement of more than 50% in chances of getting pregnant.

What is the diagnosis for a blocked fallopian tube?

For diagnosing blockage of fallopian tubes there are few medical tests available at a reasonable fallopian tubes treatment surgery cost in India.

Hysterosalpingogram (HSG): It is a specialized X-ray test. Here a dye is made to pass through the cervix into the fallopian tubes to the uterus. If the tubes are normal the dye flows through the uterus, tubes, and spills into the pelvic area. If the dye does not pass to the pelvic area, blockage in tubes is expected.

Sometimes a simple HSG shows low sensitivity in assessing endometriosis and related adhesions.[2]

Laparoscopy: This is considered a very accurate test to identify blocks in the tubes. A Laparoscope is used to view the inside of the abdomen and reach the tubes, identify blocks, and remove them carefully. A highly experienced surgeon performs the surgery successfully.

Sonohysterogram: This detects blocks by using sound waves and these waves show the picture of fallopian tubes. This is an ultrasound method.

Saline Salpingography: This is done by ultrasound and is less accurate. Sterile saline is made to pass through the uterus and its flow is monitored through the tubes.

Is there any pain experienced while undergoing the HSG test?

Mild to moderate kind of pain and cramping is experienced by few patients while others don’t have pain. When there is a block in the tubes, the dye exerts pressure and the patient feels discomfort and pain due to this pressure.

The type of diagnosis highly affects the cost of blocked fallopian tubes treatment in India. The more sophisticated the procedure is and the more severe the blockage is, the more is the chance of increased cost of fallopian tubes blockage surgery.

What kinds of treatments are available for blocked fallopian tubes?

The treatment depends on the severity of the blocks. They are:

  • If the blockage is due to scarring and not much complicated, then Laparoscopic surgery is recommended to identify blocks and make the tubes patent.
  • If there is moderate damage or occurrence of ectopic pregnancy caused damage to the tubes, then surgery is done to remove that particular affected part while restoring the healthy part of the tubes.
  • If the tubes are severely damaged and infertility predominates, then the patient is advised to undergo in-vitro fertilization, where egg and sperm are made to fertilize outside the body and the resultant embryo formed is implanted into the uterine wall for achieving pregnancy.

If my fallopian tubes are removed, will I experience any side effects?

Yes, if the woman before reaching her menopausal age undergoes surgical removal of her fallopian tubes, she is forced into a surgical menopausal state. This forceful and immediate state of menopause following fallopian tubes removal causes side effects like night sweats, hot flushes, mood swings, increased danger of heart diseases, and thinning of bones.

What is the status of my menstrual periods immediately after fallopian tubes blockage treatment surgery?

Bleeding through the vagina is common following the surgery and this may last for a few days to a month. A woman may not get her periods for the very next three to six weeks after fallopian tubes blockage treatment surgery.

When can I have my regular periods after fallopian tubes blockage treatment surgery?

It is usual for the periods to return to normal after three to six weeks after tubal repair of blocks.

Is there any change in the nature of my periods after the fallopian tubes blockage treatment surgery?

Yes, following the tubal repair surgery one can experience mild to moderate kind of heavy bleeding and increased discomfort than the usual time. This kind of moderate bleeding and uneasiness is said to continue for the first two to three cycles after the tubal surgery.

How does treatment and other conditions affects cost of tubal blockage surgery?

The type of treatment performed largely on the severity of the blocks present in tubes. Past medical history of the patient, current medical condition, and response to the medicines during and after surgery affects the cost of fallopian tubes blockage treatment in India.

What is the cost of treatment for fallopian tubes blockage treatment in India?

The average cost of blocked fallopian tubes treatment in India is Rs. 25,000. The patients’ medical history and her physical status post-surgery largely influence the cost of fallopian tubes treatment blockage in India. If the past medical history shows problems of high blood pressure or diabetes or allergic conditions to certain medications then the cost of medications prescribed differs from the regular medicines and this can increase the expected cost of fallopian tubes blockage treatment in India.

The treatment for blocks in fallopian tubes largely varies and depends on the type of the place where surgery is done, the facilities provided at the hospitals, the experienced surgeons involved in doing the surgery, specialized surgical tools used.

What kind of factors affects the cost of fallopian tubes blockage operation?

Even though it is quite a time taking to find the best hospitals treating blocks in tubes, it is most needed to keep in mind that a qualified and experienced doctor and advanced medical techniques are crucial for achieving a high success rate.

Here are a few concerns about selecting the best fallopian tubes blockage treatment hospital:

  • Educational qualifications and the experience of surgeon who performs treatment for fallopian tubes blockage and other medical teams.
  • Certification and license of the hospital where treatment for blocked fallopian tubes is done.
  • Availability of medical emergency services
  • Reviews of the hospitals or healthcare centres and reviews of surgeons who perform surgery for fallopian tubes blockage.

Whether the patient can get a fair cost of blocked fallopian tubes treatment surgery in India?

The severity of blocks and the experience of the surgeon performing the surgery generally affects the cost of the surgery. It is important for the patient to know about the details like reviews from old patients, before and after treatment photos if available and relevant information about the success rate of hospitals from newspapers, etc. The details about the qualifications and experience of the doctor and other related paramedical team and facilities that are available at the treatment centre are to be known by the patient.

What is the time taken to remove blocks from the fallopian tubes?

The average time to perform Laparoscopic fallopian tubes blockage treatment surgery is nearly 1 to 2 hours. An intravenous line is created at the needed area of the patient's hand to inject anesthesia.

What are the few factors that may impact the cost of blocked fallopian tubes surgery in India?

Following points do show influence on the overall cost of blockage fallopian tubes surgery in India:

  • Prolonged surgery time
  • Presence of other medical issues
  • The need for advanced surgical tools
  • A requirement of other specialized doctors

Is the fallopian tubes blockage surgery painful?

Generally, any kind of surgery has minimum risks and pain. And yes after Laparoscopic surgery to unblock the tubes, you feel pain along the abdomen for a few days. The blocked fallopian tubes treatment surgeon uses gas to see the internal organs clearly during Laparoscopy. Due to this gas, you feel pain in the shoulder area and in the upper and lower back following surgery and this would last for a few days and reduce later.

The medications that are used to reduce above surgery-related pain often need effective medications and well-experienced doctors which would further escalate the cost of blocked fallopian tubes surgery in India.

Can a woman get pregnant without fallopian tubes?

For the process of pregnancy, the egg from the ovary travels to fallopian tubes to meet the sperm and after getting fertilized with the sperm it again returns back to the uterus through the tubes. If fallopian tubes are removed due to severe blockage it is impossible for the woman to get pregnant naturally and she should go for Invitro-fertilization to conceive.

What are the possible ways to get pregnant with blocked fallopian tubes?

Advanced Science and technology created better ways of achieving pregnancy even with blocked tubes. Few of them are:

Laparoscopic surgery: This helps in attaining pregnancy naturally or through treatment by removing scar tissues and by opening up tubes. Chances of getting pregnant following laparoscopic surgery are good only if a few adhesions are there between tubes and ovaries.

Tubal ligation reversal: Tubal ligation is a permanent contraception method. Tubal ligation reversal is done to restore the ability to get pregnant by reconnecting the blocked tubes. Women can have increased chances of having a baby if healthy parts of the tubes are retained.

IVF: When the tubal repair surgery does not work or in cases where tubal surgery is not the option, pregnancy is made possible through IVF.

What is the average cost of fallopian tubes blockage treatment surgery in India?

The average cost of fallopian blockage treatment surgery in India would start at Rs. 25,000. This cost varies according to the severity of the blockage, experience of the doctor, clinical equipment, and other emergency facilities provided.

What is the impact of IVF on the cost of blocked fallopian tubes surgery?

The success of IVF is largely affected by the quality of service that the clinic provides, the age of women going for IVF, and other medical-related factors. Apart from the IVF cycle that would cost anywhere between Rs2.5 lakh to Rs4 lakhs in India, sometimes medications and tests are needed that further increase the cost of IVF and therefore the total cost of blocked fallopian tubes surgery in India.

Treatment references

  1. Honore GM, Holden AE, et al. “Pathophysiology and management of proximal tubal blockage.” NCBI, 1999 May;71(5):785-95, PMID:10231034

  2. Wolters Kluwer.“Assessing tubal damage.” Journal of Human Reproductive Sciences. 2009 Jan-Jun; 2(1):2-11.

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