Fertility Supplement for Women - Myth and Facts

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With so many changes in our lifestyle and other factors like age, women these days have trouble getting pregnant. You may have trouble conceiving if you decide to get pregnant if you drink alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, or lack essential micronutrients [1]. Whatever the case may be, what you need a good solution to help you conceive. One such solution is taking fertility supplements.

Supplements are getting popular among women these days. Fertility supplements like “Balance for Women” are one of the popularly used supplements for women. These supplements can boost a woman’s fertility which can increase the chances of successful conception. With the increasing popularity of fertility supplements, there are many myths and rumours are also being spread. These myths or misconceptions, if we may say, can lead a woman into thinking that a supplement is good or not good for her. Hence, we came up with this article dedicated completely to some of the most common myths about taking a fertility supplement for women and the actual facts denying or supporting them.

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Common myths and facts about fertility supplement for women

Anything that goes popular brings some hearsay myths and misconceptions with it. We have found some common myths about fertility supplements which may divert a woman’s mind and confuse her about fertility supplements. Lets bust some of them.

Myth 1: Fertility supplements are actually bad for your overall health.

It is believed that fertility supplements are actually bad for your overall health. The ingredients used in it temporarily boost one’s fertility but they can actually cause harmfully affect other organs of the body.

This is a wrong assumption because a supplement is usually a mixture of vitamins, herbs and minerals. These ingredients do not cause any harmful effects to the body. However, there is a possibility that you may be allergic to one of the ingredients. Hence, the best way is to consult a doctor about your allergies and then select a respective supplement.

Myth 2: It takes a long time for the supplements to actually show results.

The word “long time” sometimes demoralises women and they decide not to take supplements. The thing is if you take supplements it may take some time for the supplements to work and get your reproductivity on track. But this will only take longer if you are not taking any extra precautions like maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In order to get the best results soon, it is good if you can stay away from alcohol, caffeine, and smoking while being on fertility supplements. Also, eat a healthy diet which includes fertility-boosting micronutrients. Doing so will assist your supplement and you may see results in a couple of months.

Myth 3: Fertility supplements only work as a part of infertility treatment.

It is also commonly believed that fertility supplements only work if there is an infertility treatment going along with it. Fertility supplements are supposed to help in the infertility treatment.

Although infertility supplements are usually given to women who are going through infertility supplements it is not completely true if you say that the supplements won’t work on their own. The reason infertility supplements are given in infertility treatment is because they boost the fertility of a woman. They also help with getting the ovulation of a woman on track, improve their ovarian response and many more. However, they also work on you if you use them separately. If you are not able to conceive but do not have any underlying infertility problem then you can go for a fertility supplement which can help you conceive faster.

Myth 4: There are many side effects of a fertility supplement.

As mentioned earlier, most of the fertility supplements like ”Balance for Women” and “Vitality for Men” are made up of natural ingredients. Hence, they usually don’t have any side effects. A study done recently did suggest that taking supplements may cause slight nausea, headache and constipation [2]. However, it is not the same case with every supplement. They have minerals, vitamins and other micronutrients that are essential for your body. They don’t usually cause any side effects.

Myth 5: Fertility supplements are very costly.

Just like any other good treatment, treatment via fertility supplements can also be a bit costly. However, they are not as costly that you will have to rethink your budget. A good fertility supplement can be bought under Rs. 700 to Rs. 1,000. For example, “Balance for Women” costs around Rs. 649 for a bottle that lasts for a month. However, the good deal here is that many brands provide offers and discounts during special celebrations and festivities. And these supplements can be bought at a comparatively lower price than their actual price.

So, if you are thinking about not deranging your budget, then you can always wait for a festive offer for the supplements price to come down and then buy. And if that is not the case, you can buy them directly and they will surely be worth the price.

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Last updated on: : 29 Oct 2020

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