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  • Taking care of sperm health is very important in order to maintain male fertility
  • Lifestyle and dietary changes can go a long way in improving sperm health
  • There are some tips that can help you improve your sperm health along with using Vitality for Men



Gone are the days when women were the one who was thought to be the reason for a couple not having a child. Advanced technology and studies have revealed that men are equally important for having a baby. And hence it is equally important to take care of their reproductive health.

One of the most important factors contributing to men’s reproductive health is “sperm”. If the sperm itself is not healthy or competent enough to fertilize a woman’s egg there is no possibility for having a baby. There are many factors that together make sperm healthy such as:

  1. Sperm Count: It is the number of sperm cells per millilitre of semen which should be at least 15 million in a normal man with good sperm health.
  2. Sperm Morphology: It is the size and shape of the sperm. Your sperm has to have the right shape and size for a better chance of fertilizing an egg.
  3. Semen Volume: Semen is the white coloured liquid that you ejaculate during the climax which contains sperm. Your semen should be produced in enough volume to carry the sperm through a woman’s vagina.
  4. Sperm Motility: It is the ability of sperm to move inside a woman’s reproductive tract. Your sperm should be able to swim towards the egg in order to fertilize it.

In order to keep your sperm healthy, it is important that all of these parameters are normal. But keeping in mind today’s lifestyle, it is difficult to maintain good sperm health. Our lifestyle nowadays includes eating processed food, fatty food, fried food, drinking alcohol, smoking, etc. Apart from this other psychological and medical issues can also lead to a decrease in sperm health. Whatever the cause maybe it is important for men to take care of their sperm health so that they can have a baby without any difficulty.

In this article


Vitality for Men - A sperm health booster

Vitality for Men is a product made to boost sperm health in men. It is a combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals which are important to improve sperm health. It has more than 19 ingredients that work together to improve your sperm count, sperm motility, semen volume, sperm morphology, testosterone levels, reduced sexual desire, etc. Vitality has ingredients like ashwagandha, ginseng root extract, fenugreek, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, magnesium and many other clinically proven sperm health boosters.

Using Vitality for Men can help you keep your sperm health intact and help you have a family. But can there be anything more that you can do to increase your chances of getting your partner pregnant along with buying Vitality for Men or any other supplement or improve your sperm health rapidly? Well, the answer is yes. There is always something more that you can do. And in this article, we are talking about some useful tips that can help you achieve your dream of having a family and improving your sperm health faster.

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Tips to increase sperm health

In order for a medicine to work properly it is important we provide a healthy environment to work. For example, if you are still continuing with your unhealthy lifestyle and taking a fertility supplement like Vitality for Men then it will take you more time to actually notice the results. But if you follow a healthy lifestyle and diet it gives the medicine a boost and you may be able to notice positive results sooner. You can also follow a specific plan like for example a 3 Month Plan for Vitality for Men which will help you make the most of the supplement and get the desired results. So, in order for the medicine to work properly, you can follow the tips mentioned below:

  1. Quit Smoking: Studies reveal that smoking can have adverse effects on sperm health. In a recent 2019 study, it was revealed that men smoking cigarettes for over 10 years show a significant decrease in semen volume, sperm count and sperm motility [1]. Smoking can also cause male impotence which means you may not be able to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse.

Passive smoking isn’t good for your sexual health either. If your partner smokes then you need to be careful. Second-hand smoking may also lead to issues with your sperm health.

2. Decrease your alcohol intake:
Drinking too much alcohol can affect your sperm quality. There are many studies supporting this theory. A study tested 685 men who drank alcohol systematically and found that they had delayed seminal fluid liquefaction and low sperm motility [2]. It can also lead to decreased sexual desire and sperm count.

Usually, 14 units of alcohol per week are recommended to maintain your sperm health but doctors have also agreed that stopping yourself from drinking alcohol is the best way to help a supplement work best and achieve the desired results.

3. Managing your weight: Being overweight can significantly impact your sperm health. Studies show that a high BMI (body mass index) can result in low sperm count, sperm concentration, sperm morphology and sperm motility. Also, losing weight is associated with an increase in sperm count and semen volume [3]. Your body mass index tells the following about your weight:

  • Less than 18.5 is considered underweight
  • Between 18.5 to 24.9 is considered healthy (overall and for your sperm health)
  • 25 to 29.9 is considered overweight
  • 30 to 39.9 is considered obese

4. Sperm Temperature: You also need to take care of the temperature you are exposed too. Your testicles need a slightly cooler environment in order to produce good quality sperm. Hence it is best if you stay away from hot baths, saunas, etc.

5. Proper Nutrition: Even though Vitality for Men has all the essential nutrients that you need to keep your sperm healthy, eating healthy and nutritious healthy can help the healing process. Stay away from processed foods and fatty meat. Stick to a diet with a lot of green vegetables, fish and whole grains.

6. Create a stress free atmosphere: There are a dozen studies that have proved that stress is bad for your sperm health. Stress due to job, relationships and other stimulants can decrease sperm health. In a study a simple task of providing semen samples by men made them stressed which in turn resulted in 39% decrease in sperm concentration and a 48% decrease in sperm motility [4]. We can imagine how much effect stress will have on sperm health if the stress is continuous.


It is important to take care of sperm health and make some lifestyle changes in order to support any sort of medication that you are taking. Your efforts will only act as a booster for the supplement to work better and you will be able to experience positive effects sooner. Hence, don’t just let the supplement work on its own provide a helping hand and follow the tips to improve your sperm health.

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Last updated on: : 28 Oct 2020

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