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Men's reproductive health is as important as female's for conception. When we hear the term preconception health (the health status of couples when they are planning to conceive), we tend to think about females only, but the preconception health for men is also important. One published study highlights the lack of awareness towards male reproductive health in couples trying to conceive. During the study, it was found that half of the male accompanying their partners on an antenatal visit were overweight or obese, and one third were on medication that could impair male reproductive health [1]. Many other medical studies also emphasize the need for preconception care of men to improve the chances of pregnancy and safe childbirth. There are things that a male partner can do to have good health and improve the chances of conception.

The sperm production process, known as spermatogenesis, is always happening in the male's testicles, but the maturation of sperm takes about three months to complete (65 days to be specific). That means to produce healthy sperms, the lifestyle, diet, and health supplements need to be incorporated for at least three months to see the positive results. Hence we have created a fertility-boosting plan for men to be followed for three months and more. In this blog, understand the changes you can make to improve your chances of fatherhood and good reproductive health in general.

The process of sperm production happens throughout life for men, but the quality of sperm declines with age. Even though the sperm motility and semen quality decline gradually from the 20 to 80 age group, the age factor alone does not make the men infertile but rather subfertile. Meaning, it might take longer for your partner to conceive if you are above 40 years of age.

The risk of miscarriage and genetic diseases such as achondroplasia (a type of short limb dwarfism) in children born to older fathers is also higher as compared with younger fathers. Recent medical research also suggests a link between a high prevalence of neurological conditions like autism, bipolar disorder, epilepsy in children, and the age of the father at the time of conception.

As per medical research, the best time to get pregnant for both females and males is above the age of 35 years. We can understand age is a factor which is not in the hand of anyone, and you can not do anything about it. However, if you are nearing the age of 35 years, it is always a good idea to plan a baby soon. Once you are ready to plan a family, it is vital to work towards increasing your chances of natural pregnancy.

Apart from ageing, various environmental and other factors negatively impact the ability of sperm to fertilize a female egg for pregnancy. Some of the most common infertility issues faced by men are poor sperm quality, low sperm count, problems with erection, and sexual pleasure.

You might wonder why you need to opt for our three-month "Vitality for Men" plan? A healthy male produces about 80 million sperms per day as explained before, it takes approximately three months and 2-3 degrees lower temperature than your body for a sperm cell to completely mature. Even when in ideal conditions where men ejaculate about 150 million sperms in a single ejaculation, only 15% are healthy enough to fertilize an egg. This number is much lower in reality as the sperm quality declines with age and lifestyle factors.

A healthy diet, proper exercising, and a sufficient amount of micronutrient supplements can help you maintain good sperm health along with the overall reproductive and sexual health. Hence, we offer you a comprehensive three-month plan of Vitality - sperm booster, personalized diet, and exercise plan with fertility counselling support. Let's understand each factor in detail below,

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Vitality Is The Best Fertility Booster For Male

To get pregnant, the sperms need to fertilize the woman's egg and to do that the sperm needs to be in ideal health. There are three aspects of good sperm health, sperm count - the number of sperm cells present in a single ejaculation, sperm motility - ability of sperm to reach the female egg, and sperm morphology - the size and shape of the sperm and its DNA composition.

In short, if your sperm count, sperm motility, and DNA composition of sperm are good, your chances of achieving pregnancy increases. Your body needs essential raw material - also known as micronutrients to produce healthy sperm. Our "Vitality For Men" contains vitamins, minerals, herbs, antioxidants, and essential micronutrients that are scientifically proven to enhance male fertility and sexual performance.

"Vitality for men" is packed with natural ingredients like ginseng root extract, akarkara extract, and ashwagandha that helps in maintaining testosterone levels [2] and bada gokhru and fenugreek extract that helps in promoting sexual stamina and desire. Additionally, it also contains micronutrients like Zinc, selenium, and L-citrulline essential for sperm maturation and helps in enhancing sperm motility and its ability to reach the female egg faster [3].

But supplements alone are not sufficient to boost your reproductive health. It needs some external support in the form of diet and some lifestyle changes that will accelerate the effect of micronutrients and help you conceive faster. Let's understand the diet and lifestyle factors in detail below.

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Healthy Diet Needed For Good Sperm Health

As per many published research, a healthy diet is associated with better sperm and semen quality [4]. Diet rich in antioxidants (like vitamin C, vitamin A, beta-carotene and zinc), folate, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acid improves the reproductive health in men. However, processed food like processed meat, full-fat dairy, cheese, soft drinks, and high sugar diet decreases the fertile health of men.

Eating a diet rich in nuts, whole grain, poultry, fruits, and vegetables improves your fertility, but one might find themselves confused with what to eat and how to fulfil the needed nutrients requirements. Worry not, our three months plan is just for you. With diet counselling from our in-house dietician, we will provide you with a weekly Indian diet plan personalized to your specific needs. So that all you have to think about is getting in touch with us, and we will take care of your health completely.

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Fertility and Weight Loss Counseling - How It Helps

Men usually think that pregnancy is all about women therefore, they are not conscious about their reproductive health at all. Because of the lack of awareness, they end up doing more harm than usual. Some lifestyle choices like smoking, excessive caffeine, and alcohol consumption may hamper your efforts to get pregnant as they might reduce your ability to father a child. For instance, a research study observed a 24% lower sperm concentration in smokers in comparison to non-smokers [5].

Also, being overweight or obese in men is linked with lower testosterone levels, poor sperm quality, and reduced fertility. The chances of infertility increase by 10 % with every 9 kg weight gain if you fall under the overweight category [6]. Our plan includes a daily exercise routine and one-on-one sessions with fitness coaches who will guide you to lose weight.

We at Zealthy believe that parenthood needs to be easy, simple, and affordable. Our three months' " Vitality For Men" plan is everything that you need, from supplements, diet, and exercise guidance to free fertility counselling to support you for your parenthood journey.

We also provide - Pregnancy success offer if you choose our 3- months plan. In which we will collect any remaining (sealed) pack of "Vitality For Men" and refund you the MRP amount if you achieve fatherhood before the three months of usage. Choose the three-month subscription plan now and start your journey towards parenthood.

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Last updated on: : 14 Oct 2020

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