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Getting pregnant seems to be a straightforward process, but unfortunately, for some people, it is not. If you are the one trying to conceive but are finding it difficult, this couple's fertility plan is just what you need to complete your family. When thinking about pregnancy, most people have a notion that childbirth is a woman's responsibility and her inability to conceive is because of her medical or reproductive issues only. The social stigma of infertility has been imposed on women around the world for a long time. However, the reproductive health of men is as likely to contribute to the couple's infertility as women. About forty to fifty percent of infertility issues around the world have a male factor attached to it.

The process of pregnancy starts when the male sperm meets and fertilizes the female egg inside the fallopian tube. The fertilized egg then starts to divide to form an embryo and travels down to the uterus and attaches itself (implantation) to the uterine wall known as the endometrium. Once the embryo gets implanted in the uterus walls, the woman's body starts secreting pregnancy hormones (Hcg Hormone) that can be detected by the pregnancy test to confirm the pregnancy.

Even though the women carry the child and their good preconception health is essential to complete the term of pregnancy, the fertilization of eggs and sperm is the crucial first step towards pregnancy. Having a healthy sperm and eggs is needed to get pregnant. That's why taking good care of both woman’s and man's fertile health is necessary for conception. The three main pillars for good reproductive health are - an adequate supply of essential micronutrients, proper diet and exercising, and positive lifestyle changes. Therefore, our three-months couple plan covers these aspects for both the partners. Let's understand in detail the Zealthy's couple fertility plan for you and your partner.

It is a simplified fertility plan for improving the reproductive health of both men and women to achieve a healthy pregnancy. Under this plan, you will get,

  • Essential micronutrient supply to maintain menstrual health and improve egg health of the woman.
  • Essential micronutrient supply to enhance sperm health and sexual desire of the man.
  • The individualized diet and exercise plan for the man and woman separately as per their conditions.
  • Free fertility expert consultation and counselling with a fertility coach.

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Why is essential micronutrient support necessary for both men and women?

Our " Balance For Women" preconception supplement for women not only provides the essential nutrients to improve the chances of natural conception but also helps in having a safe pregnancy. With a unique combination of 10 + ingredients, Balance provides you with the needed support whether you are planning for a baby soon, undergoing IVF treatment, or want to regularise your menstrual cycle (if you are suffering from hormonal imbalance or irregular menstruation).

Ingredients present in "Balance" such as Myo-inositol, Co-enzyme 10, NAC, and inositol assists in regulating the menstrual cycle and ovulation in women. Essential micronutrients like vitamin D, folate, zinc, and chromium provide needed support for proper fetus growth and development. Moreover, it also contains a combination of Myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol (in a ratio of 40:1) that is clinically proven to improve the symptoms of the polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Various medical published studies talk about the benefits of Myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol in women with PCOD; one such medical research shows a significant reduction in body weight, improved skin conditions, and a decrease in hormones like FSH, LH, and insulin levels [1].

Similarly, the "Vitality For Men" supplement improves male reproductive health along with desire, stamina, libido, and sperm health. Products like Ginseng root extract, Akara extract, and Ashwagandha are known to improve semen quality, sperm count, and morphology. It also contains velvet beans seed extract that is proven to enhance male fertility by increasing sperm concentration and motility [2]. Moreover, ingredients like bada gokhru extract, gokhru extract, and safed musli root extract improve immunity, increase libido, and help with erectile dysfunction.

Infertility in men is mainly diagnosed by semen analysis, but, despite the technological advancement, it is a limited diagnostic test that examines only general sperm properties like concentration, motility, and sperm morphology. It fails to access the DNA, RNA, and other molecular components of sperm that can also have an impact on male fertility. Any problems at the molecular level of sperms DNA may prevent pregnancy, delay your chances of pregnancy, or increases the risk during pregnancy [3].

The micronutrients present in our supplements improve the quality of male sperms and female eggs, which increases the chances of pregnancy and also maintains the DNA integrity at the chromosomal level, ensuring healthy babies.

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How diet and exercise plan helps you in getting pregnant?

Being overweight, obese, or underweight can delay your pregnancy, and if both men and women are overweight or obese, the chance of delayed pregnancy can increase up by two times. Women who are overweight or obese usually suffer from the absence of menstruation and ovulation, preventing them from getting pregnant. Let's understand what happens in your body when you are overweight. The extra fat cells in your body will increase the insulin level, which in turn will increase the testosterone level by stimulating your ovaries. The increased testosterone will then prevent the release of eggs from your ovaries, and when there is no egg to fertilize, pregnancy will eventually not happen.

In the case of men, being overweight decreases sperm count and reduces sperm motility (the ability of sperm to move and reach the egg) [4]. These factors may delay the natural pregnancy. The good news is that these issues can be easily fixed by maintaining healthy body weight. Our nutritionist and trainer will help you shed those extra kilos with an individualized diet and exercise plan. Now you can easily have a healthy body weight without compromising the nutrients intake and improve your chances of getting pregnant.

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Why fertility expert counseling is helpful when you are planning to conceive?

If you are someone who is finding it tough to get pregnant, we can understand that you might feel emotional, anxious, sad, and depressed sometimes. The grief of not being able to conceive can also impact your sexual relationship. The increased stress during this time can further reduce your chances of pregnancy.

Hence, we offer you and your partner constant support and guidance from fertility experts. The fertility expert will answer all your questions and help you reduce stress. They will help you to understand the issues which may be preventing you from conceiving and offer the best suitable solution.

Our three-months couple plan offers a comprehensive solution for both you and your partner. Not only do you both get the needed supplement supply but guidance from fertility experts and nutritionists to improve your general and fertile health at no extra cost. Our customers' needs are of the utmost importance to us! So, we also offer a pregnancy success plan for our three months couple plan subscribers. In which we take back any unopened pack of - Balance and Vitality if you are pregnant before finishing the subscription, and will refund the money back. We strive to help you throughout your parenthood journey, starting from the very first step.

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Last updated on: : 15 Oct 2020

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