6 points to remember while searching for a good fertility clinic

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  • Finding the best fertility clinic is the first step towards a successful treatment
  • There can be multiple fertility clinics around you and it can get confusing to find the best
  • There are some ways through which you can find the best clinic for you



Knowledge about clinics and doctors is not something we usually look for in our normal day to day life. We mostly try to gain knowledge about them when it is needed. But it comes with a little bit of hassle because we don’t know how to look or what to look for. Sometimes it is even hard to figure out how to start.

The revelation of infertility itself becomes harder to digest, and then to find the right infertility clinic can feel like another nail in the coffin. At this point, a blessing in disguise is if you can find someone who has been through this scenario so they can guide you. However, this case is extremely rare. Another blessing is when you find exactly what you are looking through something else like an online portal. That is exactly what we are trying to do here. We have come up with some of the important pointers that will help you find the best fertility clinic in your city without having to make too much effort.

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Search for a Fertility Clinic with high success rates

Nowadays there are plenty of fertility clinics in one city. If it is a capital city or a metro city the number of clinics can even reach to hundreds. In such scenarios, it gets a bit difficult to make your mind and select one clinic. Most of the time, people get confused which may cause them to ignore the best clinics. Hence it is important to know the points on which you can judge a fertility clinic. One such point is “Success Rate” [1].

Most of the top fertility clinics always provide information on what is their success rates are with respect to a particular treatment. For example, if you are looking for a fertility clinic to undergo IVF treatment, try to find the IVF success rates of the fertility clinics in your city. You can choose the one who has the highest IVF success rates. This is because if they have higher IVF success rates than any other clinic it means that even you may have a better chance of an IVF success in this clinic as compared to others.

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Choose a clinic where the doctors are certified by the medical board

Infertility treatment can cost a lot, and everyone wants that they are treated by the doctors and in a clinic. Any doctor who is well-qualified and had years of training would be able to do that. So, while choosing a good clinic make sure to find more information about the doctors working there, especially the doctor who might be treating you. Most of the clinics are headed by a Chief Medical Director and other doctors function under them. So while looking for a clinic, choose a clinic whose doctors are certified by the Medical Board.

Most of the clinics these days have online websites where you can find all the information about them. You can visit the website to see if the doctors are certified or not. It will also help find the qualification as well as the total experience of the doctors.

You can also use an online health portal like Zealthy to search for the clinic and its related doctors. It has all the information along with the certifications of the doctors.

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Checkout at least 2 to 3 clinics before selecting a fertility clinic

Gone are the days when you can barely find one or two fertility clinics and you don’t have a choice but to go that clinic for treatment. At present, there are many sources through which you can find at least 2 to 3 fertility clinics near you and more than that if you are looking throughout the city.

You can check out the clinic websites or by going to an online healthcare portal like Zealthy. Read about 2 to 3 clinics and then decide according to the parameters that are mentioned here. We know you are looking for the best clinic and you won’t find one until you look into a couple of clinics before choosing. Hence spend some time on it.

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Do check the location of the fertility clinic you are choosing

People usually feel comfortable when the place they want to visit is near to their home. But it can be more than that, for example, while visiting a place for the first time you will always think of how much time it will take, how much will the travelling cost two and fro, and if it is far away what happens if some emergency comes up? Keeping all of these scenarios in mind it is always better if you choose a fertility clinic which is closer to your home [2]. Similarly, fertility treatments usually require multiple sittings throughout the treatment. Hence while checking out the best fertility clinics make sure you look at their address as well so that it is convenient for you to travel multiple times.

Choose 2 or 3 clinics and note down their address, then you can use google maps or even ask around to see how far the clinics are and what is their route. Sometimes a clinic is closer to your home but the route is always crowded or sometimes blocked due to some reason which can make it longer to reach the clinic. Hence do thorough research about the exact address and the route of the clinics and then decide on the one which can be reached easily.

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How much will the treatment cost in the fertility clinic?

Different clinics charge differently for the services they offer. It depends on many factors. Some clinics use better technology, some clinics provide extra in-house services to their patients apart from medication and treatment, sometimes you may need to go through treatment more than once for it to work, etc. For all these scenarios most of the clinics have different charges according to which the total cost of your treatment may differ from clinic to clinic. Hence it is important to have a thorough idea of all the charges involved in the treatment. You may also have a budget for the treatment, so after getting all the information about the charges of the entire treatment you can compare it with your budget and decide on the clinic.

Also, it is a possibility that you may not be aware of the correct price of fertility treatment in your city. If this is the case, then the clinics may charge you more and you will end up paying way more than required. Hence, before choosing a clinic do a small research on what is the range of prices asked by the fertility clinics of your city for the treatment you are seeking.

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Mind the following points while visiting a fertility clinic

After thorough research make a list of 2 or 3 clinics which you feel are good for you. Then you can try to visit them one by one and decide on the clinic where you want to get the treatment. While visiting your chosen clinics there are some points that you need to notice before choosing a clinic.

  • Are they giving you the right information about IVF, IUI or any treatment you are asking about? (a good choice would be if you can research online a bit about your condition and treatment before visiting the clinic so you can judge in a better way)
  • Are they hiding any information about the treatment? (sometimes they may not tell you about the extra medications or procedures you may have to make during the treatment)
  • Do they have all the facilities required for the treatment?
  • Do they have facilities for handling emergency cases?
  • What are the timings of the clinic and at what times are the staff present in the clinic?
  • What is the approach the clinic will use in the treatment?


Fertility treatment can be hard on your mental and physical health. So it is always important to get the treatment from a clinic you trust. Hence good research before choosing a clinic is important. Make sure you go through the pointers mentioned above and also do your own research. There is always more to learn and questions to ask before making a decision. It is your health and money on the line hence asking questions is your right. Keeping this is in mind, have a happy fertility clinic hunting!

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Last updated on: : 29 Sep 2020

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