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IVF Cost Calculator

How much does IVF cost in India is one of the biggest concerns people have while considering fertility treatments? Since insurance does not cover the cost of IVF treatments (or test tube baby cost), paying for the procedure from one's own pockets can affect finances. Our goal with this tool is not only to educate you about the variables involved in cost of IVF treatment in India but also to allow you to calculate a cost estimate for your unique course of In-Vitro Fertilization.

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The estimated cost for the selected IVF Treatment will be displayed below, along with its break up. You can also select multiple options under the category of "Additional Optional Treatments" which you may like to add and get the total estimated IVF cost per cycle.

Total Estimated Cost :

IVF Cost calculator is designed to provide you an estimated cost of the selected treatment. The actual cost may vary depending upon your age & medical condition. You may also receive an estimated IVF cost from our fertility specialist.

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Is opting IVF a good Idea?

Starting a family or having a baby is the most fulfilling experience of the couples. However, some couples face huge difficulty in getting this dream fulfilled, as attempts to conceive naturally may take longer than expected. Which raises a few key questions like What are my options? What is the likelihood of bringing home a baby with options, and how much will it cost?

The chart here helps you understand the likelihood of conception with different options:

Is opting IVF a good Idea?

Comparing Various Fertility Treatment

IVF cost

With insurance coverage being limited or non-existent, the cost of IVF treatment or other fertility treatments becomes the next major question for couples considering IVF to have a baby. Zealthy strives to make IVF or any other fertility treatment available and affordable through advanced medical technologies, experienced and best fertility specialist doctors and easy financing options.

Estimating IVF treatment cost using an IVF Cost Calculator

Estimating IVF treatment cost using an IVF Cost Calculator

The IVF cost calculator gives you an estimated total cost, along with a detailed breakdown of all costs associated with IVF treatment. The cost calculator shows how costs of all determinants like labs, medication, consultations, screenings, and each step of the treatment add up to the total amount. The tool not only helps you in understanding the process of IVF but also provides you a detailed analysis of the cost you may incur during the IVF cycle.

Major determinants influencing the cost of IVF treatment single cycle


Age of the Woman

The age of the woman undergoing IVF is one of the most important factors affecting the cost of IVF treatment. As the woman ages, not only does she need a higher dose of stimulation medication, but also for a longer period of time, increasing the cost of treatment.

IVF affected by age chart

Age Affect the Chances of Successful IVF


Pre IVF Cycle Investigations

Before starting IVF treatment, a number of investigations are carried out to have a clearer understanding of the patient’s current medical situation in order to tailor the most appropriate treatment plan. Some of the commonly performed tests before commencing IVF treatment are:

  • listHormone and Ovarian Function tests like FSH, TSH, LH, and E2
  • listOvarian Reserve tests like Serum AMH and Antral Follicle Count
  • listTransvaginal Ultrasonography
  • listEvaluation of uterine cavity - HSG (Hysterosalpingography) and Hysteroscopy
  • listBlood tests for virology screening
  • listSemen analysis for male

Use of Donor Options

Apart from age of the woman, if the woman is using donor eggs or a surrogate to carry the pregnancy, the cost of IVF treatment will increase accordingly.

Using donor eggs will typically involve donor fees and lab diagnostics and screening fees which significantly adds to the total cost of IVF treatment. The use of a surrogate to carry the baby will include the legal fees and surrogate fees apart from the medical coat of pregnancy and childbirth.

Similarly use of donor sperms can increase the total of cost of IVF which includes donor charges, sperm collection and preparation charges.


Cost of IVF Medications

One of the most significant steps of the IVF process is ovarian stimulation. To stimulate your ovaries and produce mature eggs, your fertility expert will prescribe you some hormonal medication or injections. The dosage, type, and mode of transmission may vary depending on your AMH (anti-mullerian hormone) count.

The lower your AMH count is, the more medicines will be required for ovary stimulation. Hence in such cases, the cost of medicines will be higher, increasing the overall cost of IVF treatment.


how medications cost will increase with low AMH count


Live Birth Success Rate Per IVF cycle

The chances of a successful pregnancy and childbirth after an IVF cycle is determined by the live birth success rate. It is measured in percentage and higher the live birth per transfer for an IVF clinic, higher the chances of live birth and hence successful IVF.

Choosing clinics with higher live birth rates might increase your chances of achieving success, with the very first IVF cycle, ultimately keeping the cost of IVF treatment at a lower end.

We at Zealthy clinics use the latest technologies and modern equipment at our embryology labs along with internationally trained infertility specialists ensuring high live birth success rates at all our clinics.


Additional Treatment Options


Day 5 Embryo Blastocyst Transfer

It includes culturing embryos for additional 2-3 days and transfer. Blastocyst stage embryos allow better selection of embryo(s) for transfer as only the best embryos have the ability to grow till blastocyst stage and thereby have better chances of survival.


Freezing Extra Embryos

Extra embryo freezing will allow parents to store additional viable embryos that can be used in the next IVF cycle in case the current fails.


Genetic Screening - PGS/PGD Testing

Pre-implantation Genetic Screening checks common chromosomal abnormalities in embryos before transferring to the uterus. Price is variable depending on the number of embryos being tested and the type of genetic test being performed


Assisted Hatching

It helps with implantation of the embryo. Usually done in women with age more than 36 or previously failed IVF cycles.


Surgical Sperm Extraction

Procedure is required where men have little or no sperm in the semen, or men who are not able to ejaculate. Cost depends upon which technique (like PESA, MESA, TESE) is used to collect sperm from male reproductive tract.



ICSI is injecting single sperm directly into a mature egg. It is generally done in case of male-factor infertility like poor sperm motility or abnormal sperm count.

Cost of IVF Treatment in Various Cities of India

The above table is an estimated average cost of IVF treatment in various cities of India

Cost of IVF Treatment in Various Cities of India

IVF treatment cost not only varies by medical condition or additional treatment options opted by patient but also on geographical location of clinics as infrastructure cost and cost of living can vary from one city to another - sometimes the presence of advanced technologies in major towns also can also increase the cost of fertility treatment.

Fertility Financing with Zealthy

We at Zealthy, aim at making your journey to parenthood very much possible. We believe every couple deserves to complete their dream of having a baby. With insurance coverage being non-existent, paying for the procedure from one's own pockets can affect you financially.

Good news!! is our financial counselors can help you avail loans at 0% Interest EMI options through several lending institutions or programs - which helps you reduce the burden and finance your treatments. We also help in identifying lower cost fertility treatment options.

Fertility Financing with Zealthy

Dilemma of Cost of Care vs Quality of Care?

In many cases, due to lack of insurance and higher cost of IVF treatment, patients tend to make their decision based only on the cost of IVF. IVF clinics providing lower costs are preferred over clinics offering IVF at a higher cost. However, we would like to point out that IVF success is multifactorial, and it is highly critical for prospective patients to consider other factors before finalizing the IVF clinic.

Some of the questions they should be asking:

  • arrowFertility specialist or doctors or embryologists experience in handling infertility cases
  • arrowLatest or advance technology available in embryology labs
  • arrowLive Birth Success Rate Per IVF cycles
  • arrowAvailability and support provided by care team and doctors outside appointment setup
  • arrowEfficiency of administrative staff
  • arrowOverall compassion, support and respect shown by clinic staff
Dilemma of Cost of Care vs Quality of Care?

The Zealthy Difference

We are passionate about our goal of making the journey to parenthood safer and successful with compassion and support.

The Zealthy Difference
  • curved_arrowOur highly-qualified and specialized doctors panel plays a huge role in achieving your goal of family-building. All our centers are equipped with the latest technology and follow international standards of care with success stories as their ultimate goal.
  • curved_arrowOur 24*7 personalized dedicated support by our care team, each fertility case is mapped and guided throughout the treatment.
  • curved_arrowWe assure a cost-effective treatment with complete price transparency and 0% interest EMI loan options.
  • curved_arrowWith the current presence in more than 100 cities in the country, we have helped more than 1 million couples during their journey for parenthood.

IVF Success Stories

We are proud to helped thousands of couples start families over the years and here’s are some stories by couples sharing their experiences. We hope these stories help you to inspire and build hope for you on your journey towards parenthood.

Potential Next steps

Every couple is different and therefore have their unique journey towards parenthood. IVF cost estimate provided above, therefore, can vary from one couple to another - So below are a few steps you can potentially follow:

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