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If a baby is coming or has come to your house, congratulations for this! Choosing a baby name is considered to be the first step in the journey of parenthood. It can be difficult for you to choose a beautiful name for your baby among thousands of names.

Therefore, you can put a little bit of your responsibility on our shoulders. We have prepared a long list of baby names! However, you do not have trouble seeing such a long list, so we have prepared Baby Name Finder to help you.

With the help of Baby Name Finder, you can find famous baby names according to undefined, लड़कों and zodiac from our name list 2020.

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clifa man who is brave, fearless, daring and...Christian
samadeternal, immortalMuslim
aymensacred, brave, old name of arabia, the b...Muslim
noelchristmas, the festival season of the ye...Hindu
farizalight, a precious gem, success, lifeMuslim
ifrahto make happyMuslim
numabeautiful and pleasant, reaching the des...Muslim
aradhyaaworshipped, blessing of lord ganeshHindu
charanyagood attitudeHindu
nirvarefreshing, like the windHindu
sagarikawave, born in the ocean, a woman born in...Hindu
sudhikshaanother name for goddess laxmi, good sta...Hindu
taanipersuasion to continue to do somethingHindu
nareshlord of man, the king of the kingsHindu
aanatone who is humble and very courteousJain
abhyudaysunrise, elevation, increase, prosperity...Hindu
guvidguvid means a rich person. not rich with...Hindu
hanshitlike honey, sweet taste, polite,Hindu
kesulord krishna, sort form of keshav), one ...Hindu
purnayanwho has born with full of his mother and...Hindu
tanshuquite nature, attractive, wholly naturalHindu
toshitpleasant, satisfiedHindu
yogthe union of the individual soul with un...Hindu
geethikone who is having very pleasing and wond...Hindu
shayngod is graciousChristian
cadana variant of cadell and kaden. it means ...Christian
denzelthe wild one who is very gentleChristian
amiranroyal, prince, a prince who is filled wi...Muslim
fawazsuccessful, a man who is a winnerMuslim
ridhwanacceptance, good will, a good willed kee...Muslim
yusufa prophets nameMuslim
hitikalord shiva, morningHindu
aaraornament, decoration, light bringer, the...Hindu
avipsaearth, river avni, sophisticated, ration...Hindu
anavikaa figureHindu
dheetithought, idea, prayer, wisdomHindu
devasmithawith a devine smileHindu
eshitaone who desires, desired, one who seeks,...Hindu
ddc ad
meshalong lifeHindu
manavigirl with humanity, one who poses all be...Hindu
manshiintellectual or spiritual endeavour, ano...Hindu
mayagoddess lakshmi, wealth, unreality, comp...Hindu
manasveeintelligent, wise, sensible, self-respec...Hindu
noyonikabeautiful eyes that induce magnetism, on...Hindu
parikshithname of an ancient king, tested one or p...Hindu
rakhithread of brother sister bonding, symbol...Hindu
saumyaamild, goddess durga, one who is weak or ...Hindu
vrittinature, behaviorHindu
yamyaanthor name for lord shiva and lord vish...Hindu
yuvakshibeautiful eyesHindu
arsalanlion; king of jungle; one who is mighty ...Muslim
bhautikeverything you see, feel, smell, materia...Hindu
hiravmeans greenery. the lush greenery on the...Hindu
jashankcupid, follower of lord shiva, devotee o...Hindu
ninaadsound of flowing water, gentle sound of ...Hindu
puruabundant, name of a king, mountain, heav...Hindu
rupeshlooks like ishwar, the supreme god of hi...Hindu
samarthapowerful, smooth, multi-talentedHindu
vishrutcelebrated or renowned, much heard of, f...Hindu
ashirhebrew - blessed, happy, wealth; a varia...Christian
faheemintelligent, beautiful, a very perceptiv...Muslim
rashaexpressive, a young deer (celebrity name...Muslim
asmirock born, hard and strong person, i am,...Hindu
jenyatruth, original, noble, the one who is i...Hindu
prexaa form of the name prekshaHindu
vivafull of lifeHindu
ashishblessings, benediction, blessing,god's g...Hindu
arinfull of joy, mountain strength, ireland,...Hindu
balajianother name of the hindu lord venkatach...Hindu
gritikmountain, hill, a variant spelling is gi...Hindu
likithwritten, drawn, learned, one who is well...Hindu
monarka kingHindu
paurava descendent of king puru, one who is th...Hindu
sureshthe sunHindu
tejaswinlustrous or bright or radiant or intelli...Hindu
vighnavinashanayadestroyer of all obstacle s and impedime...Hindu
anadyaexisting for eternity, lord krishna, ete...Hindu
ciaranone who is dark in complexionChristian
talhakind of treeMuslim
filzalight, rose from heaven, most beloved, p...Muslim
kainatuniverse, kainat means the creationMuslim
bhumiearth, base, introductionHindu
jhalakglimpse, spark, sudden motion, spark or ...Hindu
nishidhaname of hindu goddess lakshmi jiHindu
sparshalove, care, sparkling eyesHindu


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