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Best Gynecologist in Allahabad

The gynecologist doctors are specialized medical doctors for diagnosis and treatment of female reproductive and general health-related issues. With Zealthy you can find the list of top Gynecologists in Allahabad and book priority appointments with our highly experienced Gynaecologist, offering high-quality evidence-based treatment for women and children.

Our specialized team of Best Gynaecologist in Allahabad, aim to provide holistic services for women's health and offer international standards of treatment and high-quality care.

Check genuine patient reviews, fees, contact numbers, experience, and details of top gynecologists near me in Allahabad.

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Best Gynecologist in allahabad

Doctor NameFeeExperience
Dr. Vandana Bansal₹ 40035 Yrs
Dr. Shashank Kharabanda₹ 100012 Yrs
Dr. Arati Gujrathi₹ 100010 Yrs
Dr. Abhilasha Chaturvedi₹ 25044 Yrs
Dr. Amita Rajvedi₹ 50026 Yrs
Dr. Ramona Perhar₹ 50024 Yrs
Dr. Smita Srivastava₹ 30024 Yrs
Dr. Reema Sircar₹ 50019 Yrs
Dr. Anjali Gahlan₹ 50015 Yrs
Dr. Sabita Dixit₹ 30014 Yrs
Dr. Amrita Madhab Agrahari₹ 40012 Yrs
Dr. Sueba Salmani₹ 50012 Yrs
Dr. Arpit Bansal₹ 4008 Yrs
Dr. Swati Tripathi₹ 2005 Yrs


Who is a Gynecologist in Allahabad?

The gynecologists are specialized medical doctors for the treatment of female health-related issues. The best Gynecologist in Allahabad is the one who can access, examine, and diagnose the issues related to the female reproductive system and sexual health. The Gynecologist in Allahabad deals with issues related to female health such as pregnancy, menstrual cycle, fertility issues, hormonal imbalance, sexually transmitted disease, and childbirth.

You can consult your nearby gynaecologist for issues related to irregular periods, PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), hormonal imbalance, urinary tract infection, menstruation and menopause, endometriosis, or fertility issues.

In short, you can consult a nearby Gynecologist for any issues related to your reproductive health and wellness. It is advised that you visit your Gynecologist at least once in a year for a regular checkup even if you don't have any disease symptoms.

You can find the most recognized nearby Gynecologist in Allahabad here at Zealthy and book a priority consultation as per your convenience.

How to Find the Best Gynecologist Near Me in Allahabad? Or From where can I book an appointment with a good local gynecologist near me at most economical rates?

Booking a prior appointment with the gynecologist near you can be a daunting task but worry not, with the advancement in technology, and availability of the internet it is convenient to book an appointment with a nearby Gynecologist.

Few of the ways you can book an appointment with Gynecologist in Allahabad,

  • Online Sites: The easiest way to book an appointment with the local most recommended gynaecologist doctor is by browsing through the online health portals like Zealthy. You can find the complete details about the Gynecologists near you, such as their educational qualifications, awards & recognitions along with the success rate of their treatments, consultation fee, availability for the appointment, and the clinic address as well. By reading the genuine reviews of the other patients, you can identify the best Gynecologist doctors suited to your needs. If you are unaware of which doctor you should visit, you can always call our care team at 636-636-3030, and our experts will help you book an appointment after understanding your requirements.
  • Doctor reviews from your friends and family: It is always a good practice to ask about the gynecologist review from your near and dear one who might have visited a gynecologist and have liked their treatment, generally this is famously known as mom recommended gynecologists.
  • Google search: You can also do a Google search as a " famous Gynecologist near me" to identify the listed gynecologist doctors in your area. The google search result might also show you their clinic's or hospital's location so that you can visit the Gynecologist near to you.

When should you Book an Appointment with a Gynecologist in Allahabad?

A Gynecologist is a doctor who deals with issues related to female reproductive organs and breasts. They specialize in performing the test needed to identify the underlying cause of the disease, such as PAP smear, Pelvic examination, breast examination, mammography, etc.

Booking an appointment with your nearby gynecologist doctor will help you in relieving any issues you might have been facing related to your health.

Few of the medical conditions for which you can visit the gynecologist in Allahabad are:-

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI): The prime sign of UTI infection is burning sensation while urinating. This can also be accompanied by lower abdominal pain, fever, and chills. The Gynecologist doctor can help you treat the UTI infection efficiently.

Polycystic ovary syndrome(PCOS): PCOS is a hormonal disorder causing irregular menstrual periods. If you are facing any issues with your menstrual cycle, you can visit the Gynaecologist.

Breast Examination: You can visit the gynecologist for any breast-related problems like breast pain, any lump in the breast, unusual nipple discharge and infection of nipple and breast, etc. It is recommended for a woman above 20 years to have her breast examined annually and to have a mammogram every year once they turn 40 Years.

Infertility related issues: The couples who are unable to conceive naturally even after one year of unprotected sex should consult the gynecologist to learn about assisted reproductive technologies like IVF, IUI, etc.

Periods related issues: Any issues with menstruation cycles like irregular periods, heavy periods, painful menstruation, etc can be a cause of underlying health conditions. You can visit your gynecologist for any menstruation-related issues.

Apart from this one can visit gynecologists doctors if they have questions related to pregnancy, contraceptive (oral and IUD), abnormal vaginal discharge and medical termination of pregnancy (MTP).

At Zealthy, you can search for certified and reputed Gynecologist doctors in Allahabad and book an instant appointment at your comfort. The gynecologists in Allahabad associated with Zealthy have experience of handling surgical cases as well.

What is the difference between Gynaecologists and Obstetricians?

Gynecologist doctor specializes in women's reproductive health and treats issues related to the female reproductive tract like UTI, PCOD/PCOS, Infertility, Polyps, Endometriosis, Cysts, fallopian tube related issues, fibroids, periods related issues etc

Obstetricians are a kind of Gynecologist doctors, who take care of women during her pregnancy and childbirth, they specialise in handling high risk pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, Cesarean section etc.

What are the concerns I can discuss with my ob-gyn during my visit?

Some of the common health concerns that you can discuss with your gynecologist are irregularities in your menstrual cycle, pain, and discomfort during menstruation,infertility related issues, sexuality concerns, birth control measures, urinary and fecal incontinence. You can also ask any questions related to your health to the doctor for their medical opinion.

When should I first consult a Gynecologist doctor for a Gynecological exam?

It is recommended to have your first consultation with a Gynecologist between the age of 13 to 15 years and later within 2 to 3 years of being sexually active.

In most cases, the pelvic exam is not necessary during the first visit at the age of 15. The pap smear test is recommended every 3 years after the age of 21 Years, to rule out cervical cancer and HPV (Human Papillomavirus).

Why should you book an online appointment with a Gynecologist in Allahabad?

Booking an appointment online with a recommended gynecologist in Allahabad is convenient and easy. You can have a look at all the gynecologists near to you, at Zealthy along with their experience, patient reviews, consultation charges, and visiting hours. It not only saves your time and energy as compared to manual appointment booking but also helps you plan your visit at your convenience. At Zealthy, not only you find the most experienced gynecologist in Allahabad, but you also learn about the causes, symptoms, and treatment for female health issues.

How much does it cost to book an online appointment with the Gynecologist in Allahabad? Or What is the average cost of gynecologist appointment in Allahabad?

The average consultation fee with a Gynecologist in Allahabad is about INR 300-500 depending on the experience, location and availability of the gynecologist doctor. Online appointment booking for gynecologist doctors does not include any extra charges. Zealthy does not take any extra charges from it’s user for booking online appointments with the best gynecologist near you using our portal. However, if the doctor recommends any blood and laboratory test after the consultation, you have to pay extra.

How to find a female gynecologist or lady gynecologist in Allahabad?

It is very easy to find a lady gynecologist in Allahabad, you can simply use an online site like Zealthy. All you have to do is use a filter for your location and you will get a list of most recommended lady gynecologists in Allahabad. You can look at their genuine patient reviews, contact details, consultation charges along with their schedules and clinic locations.

With zealthy you can even speak about your concern with the care team @636-636-30-30 for any help.

Can I book an appointment with the Gynecologist during my menstrual periods?

You can visit the lady gynecologist if you have made the prior appointment, but it is better to postpone unless you have symptoms that require urgent medical attention.

Will a gynaecologist be able to answer questions related to my sexual health?

Yes, sexual health is one of the top most health related issues for which patients visit gynecologists in Allahabad. Sexual health issues such as pain during and after sex, post coital bleeding, vaginal discharge or unsual bleeding after intercourse, lack of desire for sex, abdominal pain after sex etc, are most commonly discussed with a gynecologist.Gynecologist are trained to identify the root cause for such symptoms and provide effective treatment for sexual health related issues,

What are the symptoms of a vaginal infection and should I visit a gynaecologist near me for vaginal infections?

Vaginal infection caused by yeast or bacteria is very common in females. The common symptoms of vaginal infections are burning or discomfort during urination, vaginal itching or rash, increased vaginal secretion, pain during sex, etc. You may visit the recommended gynecologists in Allahabad if you are suffering from any of these symptoms.

What are the benefits of consulting a recommended Gynecologist on Zealthy?

Zealthy is one of the leading medical online portals for women-health aimed at providing the most updated information and world class healthcare services related to women health. We not only provide the best services but also ensure that you get right treatment at affordable costs. You can book an appointment with the best doctors for women across the country through Zealthy.

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